Pet Seized By Police

Oh for the love of wildlife, a man in Chicago has had his pet seized by police. Evidently, having an alligator in your basement for 26 years is wrong. The 6ft, 200lb creature was bought as a bub at a swap meet and had been living in the guy’s Chicago basement ever since. The owner told police he often let him roam around the backyard. Hmm, there is a charge of unlawful possession of an endangered species right there.

PSST Are you thinking what I am thinking? There must have been a very big newspaper…or one hell of a mess.



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7 responses to “Pet Seized By Police

  1. celticqueen1

    That’s exactly what I thought just as I started to read …ewh!!!

  2. There were no stray cats in that neighbourhood.

  3. I’m with Binky
    I’d add a few less kids too.

  4. Some people are stooopider than others

  5. I bet his wife hated the smell,
    and that was just her hubby, gawd
    knows what the alligator smelled
    of… lol

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