SS Upchuck

I hate my life!

I hate my life!

You know your holiday is going downhill when passengers start upchucking in the pool. Time to pack and get the hell off the horror cruise, I say. Gastro has reared its ugly head once again on a cruise Down Under. Over 200 people of the 4000 passengers are believed to be suffering from the unfortunate bug. Despite emptying the pools, disinfecting everything in sight and ordering the sick to stay the heck away from healthy passengers the cruise went to hell in a handbag (and sick bag). On a bright note, the smorgasbord was relatively free to indulge . Bon appetite.


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6 responses to “SS Upchuck

  1. celticqueen1

    I can’t laugh at these poor sods Loon… I had such a bug two weeks ago. I called Joe around to see if he would do some shopping for me as I thought I must just have eaten something that wasn’t quite right. Poor Joe got it too and was sicker than me.

  2. This is why you will never find me on a boat (ship) with thousands of potential sick people.

  3. solosocial

    I’ve never been able to afford to go on a cruise.

    “The Love Boat” was one of my favorite weekend TV series’ as a teen–along with “Fantasy Island”, “The Dukes of Hazzard”, and “Dallas”.
    And of course this unpleasant stuff never happened on “The Love Boat”–that would certainly have spoiled the mood!

    Nevertheless, it seems that sinkings, power outages, and sicknesses are increasing on cruise ships, worldwide. And I wonder if this truly is as pervasive as it seems–or if it’s just getting more media coverage than ever before.

  4. They puked all the time,
    spent hours in the toilet,
    kissed with the reaper and
    yet managed to survive
    the test 🙂 A pretty good
    holiday that me thinks, well
    apart from the sick sarnies
    and stinking underwear 😦 lol

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