The Unluckiest Mouse

mousetrapWhat are the odds that a little mouse in a Readings Museum would fall for a 155 old mousetrap. Seems the poor wee thing did. A curator found the dead rodent after it had waltzed into the “unbaited” display trap and got kaboomed. To add insult to injury death, the 1861 device had printed text on it declaring it would “last a lifetime”.


Filed under Friggin Wildlife

4 responses to “The Unluckiest Mouse

  1. solosocial

    “Lasts a lifetime”–I’d love to own the patent on that mousetrap!

  2. Anonymous

    AND will probably live to catch another

  3. Someone was being a sadist setting the
    trap in the first place… the poor mouse stood
    no chance escaping this ancient device šŸ˜¦

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