Donate on Valentine’s Day

Roll up, roll up, and dump your ex’s crap at the Goodwill in Florida. Yep, in a new campaign the recycle charity group are encouraging people to clear out their ex-lover’s stuff from their closets and start afresh for Valentine’s Day. Hmm, that’s if you haven’t already thrown them and their stuff to the curb .


Filed under Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never

8 responses to “Donate on Valentine’s Day

  1. celticqueen1

    That’s it kick em to the curb

  2. solosocial

    Love the way you dump on Florida–I hate this state too!

  3. es for some, the only clubbing getting done will be over their heads 😦 Eeek Have a fantastic Friday my lovely friend and enjoy your Valentine’s Day xxx

  4. My typo’s are legendary by the way 😉 lmao xxx

  5. I’ll take their chocolates!

  6. Why wait, they leave you set fire to their stuff.

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