Severed Foot Coastline

It all started in 2007, the first foot washes up on a Canadian beach. Authorities rule out a serial killer, public not so sure. When a second severed foot washed up a few days later the world is abuzz. Well Loons, guess what? They are now up to 13 severed feet found on the British Columbian coastline…or 16 if you count the three found further down in Washington State. I kid you not, the latest foot in a shoe washed up last Sunday. Authorities have identified 10 of those feet as belonging to 7 different people. They claim no foul play was involved but most likely suicide. A few detectives have raised their eyebrows as to the bizarre coincidences, especially as all the feet found have been in runners.

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4 responses to “Severed Foot Coastline

  1. solosocial

    Most likely suicide? Why would someone cut off his or her feet before committing suicide? This is probably a serial killer who hates runners, for some unreasonable reason. He or she cuts off their feet because that’s what they rely on most–just as a serial killer who hates artists might cut out their eyes. The killer then likely tosses their feet overboard his or her boat, in front of them–then kills them.

    I forget what it’s called, but there’s a “law” that says usually the simplest explanation is the correct one.

  2. Supposedly the feet detach themselves as the bodies decay. It’s down river from a popular bridge for suicide.

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