Green Walking Woman Tribute

green_ladyOK, is it me Loons or is the latest “tribute” to the first woman elected to local government in Victoria (in 1920) kinda crap. The tribute is…wait for it… the replacement of the “green walking man” signal with a “green walking woman”, who looks like friggin Mary Poppins. And NO, she will only appear at one set of traffic lights for a period of 12 months. I’m thinking Councillor Mary Rogers should at least get a statue … not a yes it is OK for you to “walk” now tribute. Please tell me this wasn’t thought up by a group of men….please?


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3 responses to “Green Walking Woman Tribute

  1. The only way they can justify this is if they make equal amounts of Dick Van Dyke traffic lights.

  2. Kinda silly really, but I bet it was men who thought this made perfect sense.

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