Royal Flush or just Craps

A German casino (and several streets) was evacuated after reports a rubbish bin in the men’s loo was making suspicious ticking and buzzing noises. A bomb squad unit was deployed and several streets surrounding the casino were also evacuated for fear of a kaboom! The whole incident was called off when the special unit discovered the sus device was not a bomb but  …wait for it…. a discarded mechanical penis ring that had its vibration function turned on. Move on, nothing to see here.


Filed under Well I Never, Whoops!

3 responses to “Royal Flush or just Craps

  1. At least if I lost it
    in the early morning light
    I’m sure I could find it
    before it gave the wife a fright

    as it buzzed and beeped away
    between the wife’s loud moans
    honey is it where I think it is
    should I call 911 with your phone

    she flashes me with a smell
    trying to talk through her grin
    Just go buy some more batterys dear
    before these wear down to thin

  2. Dang, that loud? Must have been made badly

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