Burglars Foil Themselves

Oh bless, a pair of Brazilian burglars had an ingenious plan to avoid setting off security alarms during a bank robbery. They wrapped themselves from head to toe in aluminium foil. Hmm, well apparently they were right, they were successful in not setting off the alarms but not so in voiding being filmed by a manned security camera. Cops arrived before they could even crack a safe. They would have made a noisy exit running in foil suits. So many levels of awks.

alfoil 2



Filed under Friggin Hilarious, Well I Never, Whoops!

6 responses to “Burglars Foil Themselves

  1. Stick a fork in those baked potatoes, they are done! I’m just saying.

  2. Martians told them to do it.

  3. celticqueen1

    Lolol embarrassing lol

  4. I am constantly amazed at the level of stupid, constantly.

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