Job Openings at 60 Minutes

OK, note to self, when planning a daring children rescue attempt in Lebanon, make sure the father (who allegedly refuses to return them to Australia) doesn’t have access to the email account being used to arrange the kidnapping. Just saying 60 Minutes, just saying.  The father, on reading the details of the attempt to snatch back his kids , notified authorities. Another fine mess. Now the distraught mother of the kids, Tara Brown (the presenter), the 60 Minutes crew and the professional kidnappers all face the wrath of the Lebanese government. Meanwhile, the children are safely back with the American born Lebanese father who is laying charges against the lot of them. The price for trying to cover this story ….. 20 years .


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2 responses to “Job Openings at 60 Minutes

  1. celticqueen1

    Yeah and I don’t think they should get off with a slap on the wrist either. What were they thinking? There are real highly trained kidnappers who do that stuff and not use an email address familiar to the family. It’s usually carefully planned and secretive!!! Not even 60 minutes get a look in. When will Australian media understand that with these countries it’s best to MYOFB. Geez the hate us enough already.

  2. Well there is a standard most kidnappers use, secrecy comes to mind versus broadcast news.

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