Belly Button Fluff Beer

Oh for crying out loud a brewery in Oz is creating a special brew for an upcoming festival. The beer will have a little surprise ingredient….yeast dug from out from the worker’s belly buttons. Hmm, or more specifically extracted from belly button lint. The Belly Button Beer will contain the fluff from the brewer’s bellies. When quizzed the owner said the “completely unique yeast strain” gave the beer a unique flavour. Oh and don’t worry clean freaks, the yeast strains have been sterilized. Evidently, the belly button beer will have a hint of “spiciness, clove and light banana esters.” I suppose we should be grateful it isn’t toe jam beer.

PSST Adelaide.


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3 responses to “Belly Button Fluff Beer

  1. celticqueen1

    Ewh ! No way

  2. Ummm… No, I’ll just have the pizza box pizza without the beer

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i think i just throo up in my mowth a littel!!! maybe they cud mayk beer owt of that it wood be less gross!!! and sinse i am a dog yoo no wot kind of stuf i put in my mowth i am just saying!!! ok bye

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