What a Tool

A Nazi gynecologistt Carl Clauberg's surgical tools foundman down under had an embarrassing encounter with a ring spanner. Seems he got ihis penis stuck in it and had to ring the fire brigade. Enter angle grinder and a whole lot of awks. Guessing there was very little eye contact.


Filed under Friggin Dumbass, Friggin Hilarious, How Embarrassing, That's Gotta Hurt

3 responses to “What a Tool

  1. I would want the guy with the angle grinder to be watching intently to what he was grinding on. You do not want to hear, Ohoh!

  2. I saw this one last week on Facebook. I cannot imagine the fear instilled by someone using an angle grinder so close to Mister Johnson. I can’t help but wonder why he put his dick in a ring spanner though???

  3. No one escaped embarrassment in that situation, I’m cringing and wincing in every possible way just thinking about it!

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