Take My Breath Away

My worst nightmares rolled into one…exercise and public transport… introducing the exercise bus. Perfect. Now there is justification why the person next to you stinks like a skunk on a bender. On a happier note…it will be a bitch doing anything with a seat belt and stack hat. Health and safety fail!!!

exercise bus 2


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6 responses to “Take My Breath Away

  1. As long as we don’t have to rely on fart power I’m all for it 😉 lol
    Have a fantastic rest of Thursday Tan and be good, just like me xxx

  2. The bicycles should be hooked up to the bus’s drive wheels to power it.

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am with binky!!! they mite as wel mayk the bus green as wel as stinky with swet!!! ha ha ok bye

  4. Seriously as if buses don’t smell bad enough

  5. celticqueen1

    I reckon all public transport smell like toilets.

  6. Makes no sense at all. Why pay a bus fare just to pedal? May as well just buy a bike & ride it.

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