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When Iceland Wins….

OK, they aren’t often victorious but when they are  ….


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When a Cat Hates You

A Wisconsin couple had to call 911 after their cat went commando and held them hostage. Yes, little kitty was none too pleased about something and attacked hubby before cornering them in their home. Emergency services sent help and now kitty is lingering in a shelter, really pissed off now .


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Here Comes The Bride

You know what I hate? When you go to a wedding and one of the guests sets the bride’s hair alight with a sparkler. I really hate that. All fun and games until your hair goes whoosh!!!!


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Britain to Exit European Union

The people have spoken and it is ciao, auf Wiedersehen, au revoir, bon voyage, see ya don’t want to be ya.


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When Irish Fans Are Smiling

When Irish soccer fans accidentally dented in the roof of a car in France, they didn’t just walk away. Nope, they all began rolling up money and wedging it into the door crack for the unfortunate owner as payment for the damage. Then another group began a thumping campaign and managed to pop the dent out. To be sure to be sure. No beer was spilt in the fixing of the roof.


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fartA soccer player in Sweden let one rip and was sent off by the ref. Yep, a red card for farting. Ref claims it was “deliberate” and “unsportsmanlike”,  he said “I had a bad stomach and so I simply let go”,  players said it was “loud and clear”.

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Cheetos Contest Alert

Twisties pretending to be Cheetos?

Cheetos that look like gut bacteria

The online Cheetos Museum must have suddenly realised they need content because they have announced a competition. You could win $$$$$ if you can find a weird shaped Cheetos. So far the submissions include a Cheetos that looks like Abe Lincoln and a Loch Ness Monster. Just upload your photos by August 15, and the top ten winners share a total of $150,000 in prize money.

PSST Jesus rang and he said he was too busy appearing on toast!

gut bacteria

Gut bacteria

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A Frozen Chicken Story

OK, what is disturbing about this story isn’t the fact a 67 year old guy breaks in and steals 3 boxes of frozen chicken from a fast food restaurant and makes his getaway on a bike. Nope, it’s the fact when he was caught the boxes of frozen chicken were recovered and returned. Returned loons, returned!!!!!

PSST Jackson, Mississippi

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Real Cat Piss

cat 3

Make it stop!!!

Oh for the love of felines, a company in Colorado have made a non alcoholic, beet based wine so cats can share a glass  with their significant other. Yep, wine for cats …of all the stupid. Evidently, it is choc full of catnip so they will be as drunk as skunks in no time.  Of course they have come up with hipster names for the drops…care for a  “Pinot Meow” or a “Moscato”. Come on Loons it deserves at least one eye roll.


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Finders Keepers

If you happen to find some wads of cash in your travels, the Providence Police Department may want a chat. Seems an armoured truck lost three large bags of cash when the back door popped open in transit. The bummer was the bags kaboomed onto passing cars and well, the money went everywhere . They have still yet to recover about $20,500. One job people, one job!

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