Jury Duty

Friggin Loon goes AWOLApologises for my absent in commenting recently, the Loon had jury duty. Yes, in Oz you get randomly called to be a juror.


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5 responses to “Jury Duty

  1. Was it the beer fridge thief?

  2. Anonymous

    Did you get yourself in trouble with the judge? They don’t have wifi in jail? Inquiring minds want to know?

  3. I’m not sure how it works in other countries but in Oz it is your “civil duty” to sit on a jury if invited by the government. There is a selection process via several ballots. If you are unlucky/lucky you could be picked for a murder trial which could be up to 2 months. I had a 5 day trial but it was eventually dismissed.

    • celticqueen1

      Ok spill yer guts . I’m having no part of jurors who won’t tell lol I’d tell you but I’m blabbermouth and may end up I prison for doing so. Just imagine what I could pass on then Loonie. Any luck they’d stick me in with Judy Moran. Who killed her brother in law ..wink wink lolol

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