Real Cat Piss

cat 3

Make it stop!!!

Oh for the love of felines, a company in Colorado have made a non alcoholic, beet based wine so cats can share a glass  with their significant other. Yep, wine for cats …of all the stupid. Evidently, it is choc full of catnip so they will be as drunk as skunks in no time.  Of course they have come up with hipster names for the drops…care for a  “Pinot Meow” or a “Moscato”. Come on Loons it deserves at least one eye roll.


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5 responses to “Real Cat Piss

  1. People with too much money.

  2. Anonymous

    xmas pressent for crazy cat lady customer

  3. celticqueen1

    Hmm I’ll pretend to get it for Louie and let Tillie have some. Peace at last !

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