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Don’t Fence Me In

headOh dear, what is worse than getting your head stuck between two concrete barriers? Having police officers, firefighters and the press rocking up. This 8 year old will rue the day she ever wanted to see if her head fitted through.

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When My Baby Smiles at Me I Go To…..

Oh for crying out loud, don’t you hate it when you have cleared the pole vault and your pole gets in the way. Awks. No medal for him, but a whole lot of respect!!!


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Is It Diving or Running

diveAfter watching an athlete dive over the finish line to steal a gold at the Rio Olympics, I am hoping the rules will be changed. Shaunae Miller who was clearly going to lose the 400m race to American Allyson Felix , dives to win gold.  I hope the rules will be changed so it is the first FOOT to cross the line WINS.


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Gold To The US

Move on folks, nothing to see here. When two reports that gunfire had been heard coming from JFK airport, all hell broke loose. Flights were diverted, people evacuated, police called in. After hours of confusion, trying to locate a gunman it was concluded that the sounds heard were not gun shots but a noisy assed crowd watching the Olympics on TV. AWKS.

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The Fijian Rugby Players Are Pure Legend

fiji playersA few months back I wrote about how the Fijian Rugby team helped the flight attendants serve meals on a plane during a medical emergency, well loons, today they won gold at the Rio Olympics. It was  in fact the first ever Olympic medal for this tiny little nation. However, it wasn’t just the win that has brought them so much respect and admiration but how they accepted their triumph . Each and every player knelt before Princess Anne as they received their medals and clapped three times, which  is traditionally performed during a Fijian Kava ceremony, signifying the bringing together of two families.  Fiji should be so proud of the 12 men who have shone a glowing light on their island. Well done.


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Holy Pyongyang

kim-jong-unNot sure if this is just a Kim Jong Um rumour but news is North Korean workers are being given crystal Meth to speed up production on major construction projects. It kind of makes sense that the barely feed population would need powerful stimulants just to function, but construction? What could possibly go wrong?

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Move Over Judge Judy

judge 2You know a crim has got up the nose of a judge when she calls him “a c**t ”. Yep, the racist thug started his tirade from the docks by calling Judge Lynch “a bit of a c**t” so she retorted with “You are a bit of a c**t  yourself”. He then yelled back “Go f**k yourself.” Her response? “You too,”. Priceless.

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