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Lets not lie, how many of you are tsking?


China, sewer grill, leg trapped, firefighters, grinders, public humiliation, buckets of shame…you can fill in the blanks.

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Carpool Fail

One more time people and say it slowly…. a ball wearing a hat is not going to get you through life into the carpool lane. Sorry mister good try. Washington State police busted the dude when they pulled him up for expired tags. Doh! He also confessed to police the infant in the back was actually “a ball with a hat!”


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Stupid Is

Women blows .39 with three children in the carNote to self, do not take a topless selfie whilst drunk behind the wheel. A Uni student rear ended a cop car whilst attempting a selfie. What’s the odds?Unfortunately, she also had an open bottle of wine in her cup holder. Hmm, I wonder what is her major?

PSST Texas

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Meme Gold

Asian memes are setting the internet ablaze.

First there was pork bun lady, the woman who managed to eat her lunch whilst in the midst of a typhoon…


Now there is Starbucks man, an elderly guy that wouldn’t let a flood get in the way of enjoying his coffee and newspaper….




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Hillary or Bust

What happens when someone erects a naked statue of Hillary Clinton in New York City? Can’t be unseen.

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How To Steal A Venetian Blind

Oh bless, Northamptonshire police are looking for a thief who stole a Venetian blind . He should be easy to identify….he looks like this


Yep, he concealed the window blind by quietly slipping it down his jacket and into his trakky daks so as not to draw any suspicion.

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Planet of the Capuchin Monkeys

monkey 4Scientists clock monkeys banging rocks together and suddenly we are staring into the monkey-apocalypse. Yep, the Brazilian Capuchin monkeys have been spotted  sharpening rocks to open fruit. Sleep with one eye open loons, we may be over run by spearhead wielding chimps in the future.

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Self Righteous Gits

A waitress in South Carolina was left gobsmacked when she was left this note instead of a tip. Oh and if you were wondering, she had never served the couple before.


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Stupid Is

Just letting you know loons, if you use a vacuum cleaner to suck up petrol from your boot this is likely to happen….

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Seems Wikileaks has been unplugged for the time being. Access to the infamous website has been severed leading to speculation that the US government became tired of hearing about themselves. Rumours of Julian Assange’s death have also been greatly exaggerated.

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