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Belgium Applies To UNESCO

So what is Belgian famous for…other than chocolate? Anyone? Well,  evidently beer drinking. So much so Belgium has applied to have its beer culture listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. On the application they state “It plays a role in daily life, as well as festive occasions,” …. and “Almost 1,500 types of beer are produced in the country including by some Trappist communities.”

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Domino’s Little Helpers

 Want pizza in Japan during winter? Well you can AND have it delivered by a reindeer. Trials are underway in Hokkaido to train reindeer to deliver Domino pizzas. It is so going to happen  as soon as they work out how to get them to behave and how to attach the delivery boxes securely on their backs . Good luck with that, pizza maybe cold.


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Mrs Brady Has Died

clapper-board-2The “lovely lady” Florence Henderson of Brady Bunch fame has passed away at 82. No more stories.

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Aussie Legend Mate

Mate, if ever there was an Aussie legend…. Daniel McConnell gives a detailed account of how he chased down a guy, who had just crashed into a Fish and Chip shop, in his jocks and little purple car.


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Frog Groin Is The New Orange

France want to protect frogs, toads and newts from road fatalities

Do you WANT me to flash?

When it comes to Australian wildlife we definitely have some winners. The latest discovery includes a frog whose groin flashes orange to startle its predators and give it a chance to make a quick exit.

PSST I swear I too would run if any creature’s  groin  flashed orange … just saying.


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kim-jong-unChina has put its foot down on people searching for Kim Jung Un by typing “Fatty Kim the Third”. It has now been blocked. Seriously people, no one approves of ridiculing foreign leaders. Am I right Loons, am I right?

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Never Too Old

An 86 year old guy in an assisted living facility was encouraged to take up…wait for it…knitting, by the staff. Now he, and a few other residents have just delivered 350 knitted caps to premmie babies at an Atlanta hospital. Take a bow Ed Mosely, he knitted 55 of them.

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