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2016 Stay Away From Betty White

What a year it has been for departing celebrities. So many legends dying in one year has inspired a South Carolina man to set up a GoFundMe campaign to “protect Betty White from 2016.” Yep, it’s true. He doesn’t want 2016 to get its hands on her so he is willing to fly to Betty White to keep her safe. Hmm, in my books that’s a stalker right?


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How To Terrify Your Grandkids

To be honest I think I would be terrified as well.

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Hail Mary Fail

Oh dear, someone didn’t do their homework. Instead of printing the traditional Catholic prayer Hail Mary during one of the largest Christmas Carol services in Sri Lanka some fool printed Tupac Shakur’s song of the same name. The lyrics go something like this “I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me,”  … “Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin’ pussy.” ….“Fuck the world if they can’t adjust, it’s just as well, Hail Mary.” You get the drift.

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Whoopsie Daisy

Who’s bright idea was it to have a glass table?

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The Night Before Christmas

Just a little note to wish everyone a safe and wonderful Christmas. Please take time to make someone laugh or even just smile over the festive season.

PSST For those who don’t celebrate Christmas have a enchanting holiday season.

christmas biscuits



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Rookie Mistake

When police received a call that an elderly woman appeared to be freezing to death in a car they raced to the scene. Inside the car was an old lady wearing an oxygen mask and appearing unresponsive. After they smashed a side window to assist her, they realised they could do nothing for her because she was a life-sized CPR training mannequin. Awks. When the owner of the car appeared , he was more than slightly pissed that his car had been damaged but police responded with this statement …”Just to clear the record, all citizens of Hudson should be put on notice that if you park your locked vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life-size realistic mannequin seated in it…we will break your window,” Too right!

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It’s The Season

christmas tree 3Um, yeah about that tinsel. Step away from that Christmas tree….repeat…step away from that Christmas tree. A family in Australia got quite the WTF when they realised that the tinsel was moving on their Christmas Tree. Turns out it wasn’t a possessed decoration at all,  but a deadly tiger snake. Is nowhere safe?


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Surf’s Up

If dodging aliens hiding in suspicious Japanese clouds isn’t enough, scientists now believe Australia has a massive super ocean sink hole which could cause catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis. Goddammit does that mean I have to hang my washing up higher? The so called “tear” in the sea bed is 7 km deep and just north of Australia. Scientists are now calling it the biggest fault on the planet. …nice one.

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Aliens Are Coming

death-starA bizarre ‘Death Star’ has been spotted over Japan and some conspiracy theorists believe it is a puff screen hiding aliens. Oh dear god, I will be there in 2 weeks…guess I will be packing my foil hat just in case.

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Christmas Cat Commercial

You know the festive season wouldn’t be complete without the best Christmas Cat commercials …am I right Loons, am I right?

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