Dangling P

When you see an opportunity take it. A Texas man posted a photo of himself standing under a dangling letter “P” of a Pharmacy sign in hope it would fall on his noggin so he could sue Walmart. Classic. He even went back the next day and took up  position….in hope it would fall. His humorous antics have now gone viral.



Filed under Friggin Hilarious

3 responses to “Dangling P

  1. Should have brought a grappling hook to pull it down.

  2. Now that he is hoping for the worst, it is over for him. What a dufas

  3. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm if this persun wants to hav p fall on him perhaps he cud kontakt the wite howse i hav herd that sumwun their nos all abowt falling p!!! ok bye

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