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Snake 1

When a guy went missing while harvesting palm oil in Indonesia the locals became concerned….look away Loons, this might get ugly. It was kinda of justified…. nearby they noticed the outline of rubber boots protruding from the belly of a 7ft python. YES!!!! The snake had evidently snuck up behind the farmer, choked him, then  swallowed him whole.

Don’t believe me? There is a video. View at your own peril.

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Cyclone Debbie

As Queensland braces itself for cyclone Debbie, a massive category 4 cyclone, one business is making light of the deadly situation .

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Best Excuse EVER

A Russian woman claims the reason she kaboomed a deer in her car was because she was being distracted by a sasquatch she spied in her rear view mirror. The woman told police the  mythical creature was chasing a deer and when she took a glance in the mirror…. and then bang,  she took out the deer.

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Pregnant Pause

Attention US loons, if you are thinking of purchasing cheap condoms, just be advised they maybe those counterfeit ones from Puerto Rico. And by “those” I mean the ones that probably contain cyanide , arsenic, mercury, lead, urine or rat droppings …just saying. Evidently, they are being shipped from China to Puerto Rico then smuggled over the border to the US. Oh and they aren’t likely to protect you from scary diseases or pregnancy.

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Run Chickens, RUN!!!!

Holy spicy chicken wings Batman, this  Jurassic rooster is real. The Brahma chicken called Merakli is owned by a guy in Europe. Hmmmm, anywhere near Chernobyl?


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Extreme Curling

Bored much? When the art of curling got way too dull for one Russian enthusiast he decided to up the anti and replace the stones with cars. The idea must have tickled the fancy of the local car insurance company because they now have a tournament. So here is how it is played….the cars are stripped of their engine and windows, a team member jumps behind the wheel and steers (this eliminates the use of a broom), and then the car is pushed by team mates,  the closest car to the centre of a painted circle wins.


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Bottling Kitty

Please don’t let this be fake news…. OMG…scent of kitten fur


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