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Watch Out For …Oh Nevermind

A grumpy pedestrian was too busy thumb waving at a car that he forgot to take note of pole. Karma right?


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Amish VS Auburn

It’s a shit fight, literally. Seems when it comes to putting a bag under a horse’s butt to stop it from crapping everywhere it’s a violation of the Amish community’s religious standards. The Auburn Amish sect in Kentucky are fighting the 37 citations (so far) for their horse droppings. Yep, the horse drawn buggies maybe cute but the mess left behind , not so. The Amish sect are refusing to place a bag under their horses and the city continues to fine them.

Psst I’m guessing no one wants to be the sucker who has to empty the bag.

2nd Psst But they could bag it and sell it as Authentic Amish Horse Poop.

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They Are Called a Guardrail for a Reason

It all seemed so easy. A quick shortcut through a fence. Silly billy.

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It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. But just…. no. A female bank robber thought she could fool  everyone by drawing on a fake beard during a robbery. Hmm, guess she was wrong.

PSST Might come in handy where she is going though?


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It Beats Walking

Dude, that’s no way to get through life!

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No Words



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The Loon is back …


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Waiter There Is A … Oh Never Mind

Move over Cat Cafe’s there is a new player in town. Introducing the first pop up Rat Cafe. Yes, now you don’t have to pull up a bin, you can eat with rats in the comfort of a cafe. OK, you don’t actually eat with the vermin, they come later (due to health codes). But you do get to mingle with the furry creatures in a dungeon environment. Thanks San Francisco.


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Fruit of the Loon

When two Scottish students left a fresh pineapple on a table at a modern art museum as a wee joke they didn’t expect it to become part of the exhibition. Seems curators thought it was part of the exhibition and encased it in glass.

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Loon in Fiji

Sorry to break it to you loons, but I will be posting from Fiji for the next week. Dirty job but someones gotta do it!!!


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