WTF Australia!!!!

Just when you thought Australia couldn’t get more scarier …. introducing sea lice. Yes, the latest creature to deter us from putting a friggin toe in the ocean. A teen was left bleeding from hundreds of little bites after cooling off  for a few minutes in the water. Doctors, who struggled to contain the bleeding were baffled as to what the hell caused this mess.  The teens confused father decided to go back to the location with some chunks of meat and guess what? Friggin flesh eating bugs appeared. But don’t fret sea loving loons, in typical Aussie fashion an expert said ‘sea lice should not alarm people or deter them from swimming.’ Hmm, neither should sharks, blue ring octopus, stone fish or deadly jellyfish right?

Sea Lice


I deliberately put his horror image last, so look away squeamish loons….the ravishes of sea lice….

UPDATE: The creatures have been identified now as Sea Fleas not Sea Lice. Who friggin cares, they are spawns of Satan!!!!


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3 responses to “WTF Australia!!!!

  1. celticqueen1

    I saw that this morning and thought wft? Thank God I’m not a beach lover. I love the mountains where it’s quiet.

  2. Lynn Vee!

  3. Australia doesn’t seem to want visitors.

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