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Might Want To Check Your Liver

Attention recent British liver transplant patients, you might want to check to see if your liver has your surgeons initials burnt into it. Apparently if  your surgeon brands your organs without your consent it is assault. Who knew? The surgeon in question has pleaded guilty in the unprecedented case.


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We Are Up To 18

For several years I have been posting about the random severed feet ( in sneakers) washing up on the coast of British Colombia. With each new foot, authorities continue to dismiss the theory that a serial killer is at large, instead  claiming the feet belong to suicide victims. I don’t know, 18 severed feet in sneakers….gotta be going hmmm at some stage, right ?

PSST: I hope for the authorities sake there isn’t some friggin psycho with a wood chipper…..just saying.


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Selfie No No

One more time tourists, please don’t be doing no butt selfies when visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand. Your reward for exposing your ass and posting it on instagram is an embarassing arrest at the airport and a fine for your efforts. Just saying.

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It’s The Season

Move over 60 year old can of soup we have a new winner for the “Let’s Donate Crap” to  charity award. A Goodwill store  in California recieved a nice surprise when they opened a box of goodies and found a live hand grenade. The streets had to be evacuated and the bomb squad called. Nice one.


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Why Can’t Max Go To The Library?

A Minnesota cat banned from going to the library….you wouldn’t read about it!!!!


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Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are

Well Mr Zodiac Killer you have been hiding from us for decades, with your clever little cryptic codes and your crudely made hoods. Thought you were smarter than the cops and the journos with your untraceable notes. Well, boast no more. Thanks to a partial DNA and modern technology your face and name might just be revealed.

Since the 1960s the Zodiac Killer has been murdering , taunting and avoiding arrest but a new technology may solve the identity of one of the most elusive serial killers of the 20th century. Over the years there have been two main suspects in the murders, Ross Sullivan and Lawrence Kane but police have failed to make an arrest.

All the recent buzz and excitement is over an unexpected discovery.  Yep, cold case detective (no, not Lily Rush) has found DNA on one of the victim’s clothing and hopes it will lead to answers. Ooooh can’t wait.

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Internal Road Rage

A Chinses man who was losing his mind over bad road signage decided to grab a tin of paint and make a few adjustments to speed up the moring traffic chaos. Not sure if his adjustments helped because the frustrated dude got arrested and fined for his troubles.

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