What Part of Weird

You know when they catch a serious criminal and the neighbours always say, “Sheez, I would never have guessed he looked so normal and nice.”? Hmmm, well whatup neighbours of David Turpin?  Seriously, even the haircut is a crime. Just saying.

The checks and balances simply failed these 13 kids/adults/captives. I kind of did the maths on when the parents went all Norman Bates and seems to coincide with the eldest child turning 18. I guess they didn’t want to lose control over their children. Sickness or not, 13 souls have now had their lives irreparably damaged. No amount of Dr Phil or Oprah is going to fix this mess.

I really do hope they throw the Bible book at them.

PSST I refuse to post any images of the children but quite happy to post everything about these two bottom dwellers. Jailhouse Rock Turpins.

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One response to “What Part of Weird

  1. celticqueen1

    Yep I thought me being a hairdresser and all that hair needed to gol . It will now .

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