This Is Where You Get Off

OK frequent plane travellers, here’s a heads up on when you are most likely to end up on Air Crash Investigation. Apparently the most vulnerable time for a plane to crash is during final descent and landing. So says Boeing. But you know what? Most of the plane crashes I have read about kaboom in mid flight, suddenly, without warning usually during an inflight movie or as the food trolley is heading down the aisle. This loon hates flying, despite doing it often. I not only check where all the exits are, but analyse the passengers to work out who I can outrun. Just saying.


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3 responses to “This Is Where You Get Off

  1. griffin

    You might be able to race the others to the exit but, you will all fall at 195 km/h or 122 mph. Better to just sit and watch the show.

  2. celticqueen1

    My husband could fly light aircraft and used to scare the bejesus out of me on international flights like telling me there were sparks coming out of ths engines and all that stuff .
    What cured me was when I flew to Poland to meet up with him as he left ahead of me, I was seated next to a rather yummy engineer flying to Frankfurt for a confetence. He assured me we would not crash and put my mind at ease. Ever since then it was “get out of that window sear Jan she’s all mine ” lol.✈🚁

  3. Maybe you’d prefer my rocket flights?

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