Only in Australia

When you have been terrorised by a deadly Eastern brown snake for 6 months but can’t find his hide out, what do you do? Well in Oz you get yourself a jackhammer and you jackhammer the crap out of the surrounding paths looking for its bunker…or alterantively just pack up and leave. The deadly repitilewas eventually found after the family crushed their concrete slabs around the house. Once found a  snake catcher released the angry beast in nearby bushes. OK loons, you know what that means! Sleep with one eye open family, that snake is going to be right back and more pissed than ever. Good luck with that.


Filed under Friggin Scary, They Live Among Us !

3 responses to “Only in Australia

  1. They should have taken the snake on a little farther trip.

  2. Scott

    He should have killed the snake—or donated it to a place where it could be kept for safe public viewing.

    I once had a baby ground rattlesnake (ground rattler) as a pet. I couldn’t get it to eat, but didn’t want to kill it. So I donated it to the Environmental Center in my Mobile, Alabama hometown—a place for school-children to learn about native wildlife, by safely observing it.

  3. celticqueen1

    Bloody hell I see bigger browns on the farm in The Hunter Valley. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone .simple as that.

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