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Night Stalker Begone

I woke to the news that the serial killer and rapist, known as the Night Stalker/Golden Gate Killer, has been caught. Women in California can close their other eye now. The serial killer stalked, killed and/ or raped his victims from 1978 to the late 1980s. It turns out the torch carrying, micropenis, knot making torturer was an ex-cop, who still lives in Sacremento. He is allegedly responsible for 12 murders and 45 rapes. Along with the Zodiac Killer, the Golden Gate killer had been one of the most baffling unsolved crimes in American history. Despite having DNA Joseph James DeAngelo, 72 had miraculously gone under the radar until now. The arrest follows the release of a book  I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by the late writer Michelle McNamara (actor-comedian Patton Oswalt completed the book following his wife’s unexpected death).

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I Didn’t Even Know It Was A Thing

Apparently, insurance scams are a big thing in Asia, who knew? People are throwing themselves (very obviously) in front of vehicles in the hope of collecting a payout. Just bless. I love these people.


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It Was Always Only Going to be a Matter of Time

The little Dutch town of Jelsum, that installed the world’s first musical road, want it removed.  Yep, messing with their heads. The tune is played when cars drive over the strategically placed strips on the side of the road. Their song of choice was the anthem of Friesland. The locals are now bitching that the song is constantly playing day and night.


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What to Do?

Australia just had the Commonwealth Games, kind of like beginners Olympics without most of the high ranking countries. I like to call it an Interschool carnival. Anywho, during the marathon, a Welsh runner, who had been leading for most of the event, collapsed from heat exhaustion. You would think with 2km to go and looking completely done someone, anyone, would help him. Apparently no. Seems you can’t touch an athlete during the race or they are instantly disqualified. Hmm, seriously, I don’t think he was going anywhere. It’s ironic because if someone did help him it would be all about the idiot who helped him and he got disqualified.


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Holy Hannibal Lector, a man in South Korea was so pissed at his neighbour’s barking dog he killed it. That is when he went all Chianti. Yep, he cooked the two year old corgi up and invited his neighbour over for a meal. Sheez, I hope he didn’t get a doggie bag!

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Who Do You think Are The World’s Most Admired Man and Woman?

Well, according to YouGov (a market research company in London) it’s Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie. Blahahahahahahahahahaha. Not even on my radar. Seriously!!!!!

PSST: I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


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How To Make a Cupcake Taste So Much Better

Here’s the thing loons, if you are standing in line at a bakery and overhear someone behind you say ‘let’s hope this fat bitch doesn’t buy all the cupcakes’. What do you do loons, what do you do?  Well, you buy every goddam cupcake in the store, that is what. Well played.


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