Who Do You think Are The World’s Most Admired Man and Woman?

Well, according to YouGov (a market research company in London) it’s Bill Gates and Angelina Jolie. Blahahahahahahahahahaha. Not even on my radar. Seriously!!!!!

PSST: I suppose I should be grateful it wasn’t Kim Kardashian and Kanye West


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4 responses to “Who Do You think Are The World’s Most Admired Man and Woman?

  1. celticqueen1

    Don’t get me started on the Kartrashians ! I’m sick of looking at them … all of them! Having babies all over the place with the most ridiculous names ever. Let the next one be North South East West. Then they are all cheating on each other . What a bunch of losers!

  2. griffin

    You are on my top ten list.

  3. They must have a different definition of “admired”.

  4. How can one not admire that Bill Gates will have given away over ONE TRILLION dollars to charity, research, health care and education that promotes the wellbeing of ALL humans around the world before he dies? Is philanthropy dead because it can’t take a selfie?

    Mr. Gates has asked some of the wealthiest humans to follow his example by pledging a commitment (including Warren Buffet) to donate *at least* half of their wealth to charity. That’s unprecedented…and ballsy, really.

    For years now, Bill Gates has been putting many minority and poor teens through college, changing lives in the US and even abroad. He and his wife, Melinda – via their foundation (money is tracked and there’s transparency) – also have financially contributed multi-millions to prevent and cure diseases around the world, including millions to dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, agricultural development to stop hunger around the world, and even nets for Malaria prevention. Mr. Gates is one of the BIGGEST (#1 or #2, next to Buffet) philanthropic/humanitarian contributors in the world with about $35 BILLION currently being distributed. He also plans to spend/give away over about a 1 TRILLION of his own money before death…leaving less than .05% to his three children whom he hopes will make the world a better place too, but not one child will have more than a single Kardashian has currently. Methinks Bill’s principles are quite high.

    I suppose other countries notice, and benefit greatly, from his altruistic work more than we do in the US. But then, we’re more comfortable than much of the global community. Perhaps this is why they admire Bill Gates. His generous, philanthropic, humanitarian, and altruistic presence are sadly not admired (or noticed?) enough in the US, as much as say…a Kardashian? What sad commentary.

    Angelina Jolie is probably seen through the lens of her humanitarian work with children and women around the world. They may also value her apparent love of her own children (adopted & bio) above any Hollywood gossip or ostentatious display…like a typical tabloid subject.

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