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Say What?

Seriously, when a couple has trouble conceiving it’s usually resolvable. Enter a Chinese couple. They go to their doc because they are just can’t fall pregnant, no matter how hard they try. They tell the obstetrician they have been trying for 4 years but so far nothing. Other than the wife complaining that it was very painful having sex nothing else seemed to be amiss…..until….the full examination. The doc discovers, to his astonishment, the woman is a virgin. How could that possibly be? After quizzing the couple he discovered the problem, apparently, the ignorant couple had been having anal sex. What the hell!!! Yep, they had no clue. Love to have been a fly on that wall. Back to the drawing board.



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Say It Isn’t So Paris?

When it comes to finding toilets in major cities of the world, it is always a challenge. Apparently not in Paris anymore,  if you are a guy or a very unladylike woman, you can take a leak in the eco-friendly compost urinal boxes. Yes, these odourless, straw-filled red boxes sprinkled around the city of love are for you to pee. The plants growing on the top are supposed to give privacy but seriously (insert cringy face) !!!! Hell in a handbag right there.

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You Can Steal A Commercial Plane?

Apparently, a worker at Seattle International Airport got into the cockpit of a Horizon Air Q400 plane and took off down the runway. When the tower realized there was a rogue plane the fighter jets were summoned. For a good thirty minutes, the random guy did loop-the-loops and uncontrolled rolls without any pilot training what-so-ever. His flight plan looked like this…

The fighter jets followed the plane whilst the tower kept in communications with the guy in the cockpit. They were trying in vain to guide him to a nearby military airstrip so they could help him land. Sadly, it was not meant to be. The plane crashed. It has yet to be confirmed whether the plane ran out of fuel or if he deliberately ditched it. Either way very sad for his family.



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Airhead Guitarists

I just want to put it out there, I don’t understand air guitarists. Seriously, if you can’t play a real guitar step away from the stage. Apparently, this month is Air Guitar National Championships in New York. What are the judges looking for, you may well ask? Evidently not a friggin guitar! According to the article, I am currently reading, it all comes down to “technical merit, stage presence and the “ineffable quality of airness.” What the hell does “technical merit” mean? They DON’T have a FRGGIN guitar. People, get jobs or take some guitar lessons…anything.


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Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Stephen King doesn’t just write scary novels he has also produced children with a keen eye for a good mystery. Joe Hill (aka Stephen King’s son) believes he may have solved a 1974 murder mystery by watching the movie Jaws. Apparently a woman who appears as an extra in a crowd scene looks very similar to an unidentified murder victim known as ‘Lady of the Dunes’.

The body of a woman who has never been identified was found badly decomposing (missing her hands) in Massachusetts in 1974. She was also found near where the Steven Spielberg movie was shot a few months earlier. A computer-generated image of what the ‘Lady of the Dunes’ would have looked like is very similar to the woman in the crowd scene. What ya think?

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