Hate + Guns =

Usually, I like to keep my posts relatively light and non-confrontational, but what up people?  Are these random acts of violence in the US on innocent people due to a) mental illness b) uncontrollable anger c) misinformed rhetoric or d) because they can? I spent most of the weekend shaking my head. Firstly the MAGAbomber sending pipe bombs through the mail and then, the gunning down of Jews in their house of worship. What made it even more depressing was I began thinking that at least the MAGAbomber fruit loop didn’t kill anyone. Yes, sure, he scared the beejeezus out of politicians and newsgroups but no lives were taken. That is a sad way to think. I also find I am becoming more desensitized to mass shootings. This again isn’t healthy. We can do better, can’t we?



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2 responses to “Hate + Guns =

  1. celticqueen1

    Only cops and farmers need guns. I have a sign in my windows which says ” If you are found her tonight you will be found here tomorrow ” …with the picture of a handgun. I don’t have one but I would probably use it if I had one if I was ever broken into to. Best to ban guns because chances are someone will go home bleeding . The farm got broken into last year. Quadrunner and a rifle taken. Then they held up a petrol station in Queensland in Marlborough after robbing a feed lot and pinched another two rifles. They terrorised the staff and are now in Capricornia Remand centre. I hope they go away for years!!!!! Better still just shoot them.

  2. A very sad reflection of our times.

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