Vets Go To Heaven

A bit shout out to the vets who have volunteered their time and expertise saving helpless animals caught up in the deadly California fires. So many animals were abandoned as people fled the fast-moving flames.


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2 responses to “Vets Go To Heaven

  1. Such a disaster for everyone out there, and all the wild animals as well.

  2. Charlee: “Those fires up north are really horrible.”
    Chaplin: “This is what our Mama and Dada were afraid would happen with the Lilac Fire when they evacuated early and took Dennis and us up to their friends’ house in Anaheim where we would be safe.”
    Charlee: “So we can only imagine how scared those pets were who had to be left behind.”
    Chaplin: “We send lots of purrs to them and the vets and everyone else who is up there helping the people and the animals!”

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