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Mega Unleashes the Kraken

Oh dear, one of the loon regulars has decided to unleash his Kraken and started a blog . Megagetoverit can now be found at . Go and visit but be warned, you could get slapped.

May god have mercy on your souls!

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Gruff Guano Joins The Bottom Dwelling Bloggers

Gruff Guano

Well lookie, lookie, who has joined us at the bottom of the blog pile. Welcome Gruff Guano, with your seemingly ironic name, to the very depths of bloggers bog. It maybe dark and a bit smelly down here but you’ll get use to it! So Loons, you know what to do, go and give the grumpy shit Gruff Guano a warm gooey welcome.

You too can become a bottom dweller!!!


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Our Man In “Tight Slacks” Is Officially A Bottom Dwelling Blogger


Welcome aboard the Bottom Dwelling Bloggers Express Tight Slacked Community . Now that you have joined our elite group, a pair of goggles are on their way. It gets quite murky down here. Never mind, you can now mingle in the cesspool that is ….







Tin Can





Psst For any of you “wannabe” Bottom Dwelling Bloggers, it’s real easy to join. All you have to is nick Bearman’s banner below, post it on your blog,  declaring yourself a Bottom Dweller Blogger and viola, instant notoriety. Oh, but remember to include it in the title of your post “I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger” and also make sure “bottom dwelling Blogger” and the name of your blog are in your tags. See ya at the bottom.


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Madhatters are Desperate

OK, here’s a shout out to all the Loons, can you go over to the friggin Madhatters and put them out of their goddam misery.No really, those bottom dwellers have been feebly trying to reach  400,000 hits and it’s getting friggin painful to watch. Go on just click here Madhatters. Think of it as charity work!!!!


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Trousers To Grow Into Is A Bottom Dweller Blogger

And yes folks, we have another Bottom Dweller blogger joining our midst, it’s Andy Holroyd from Trousers to Grow Into.Please make him welcome by doing a drive-by and leaving a comment, god knows he needs them 🙂

Trousers To Grow Into


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Dennis The Vizsla Is A Bottom Dwelling Blogger

That's Dennis

Oh for the love of dogs, guess who has ventured to the bottom of the lagoon? It’s Dennis the Vizsla. Yes, welcome the newest member to the elite group of Bottom Dwellers…. Dennis, Tucker, Trixie and Trouble the Kitty. This is without doubt the most entertaining dog blog around. No, seriously, what those bunch of trouble making, hedgehog fighting, snail squashing, elevator fearing, intergalactic misfits don’t get up to ain’t worth writing about. Dennis’s adventures are recorded everyday for your enjoyment. Even cat owners are welcome. Loons, make sure you check out Dennis the Vizsla.


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Bottom Dwellers Alert

That's Peeved

Well lookie here, we have a few more Bottom Dwelling Bloggers. Welcome aboard Lisleman and Perpetually Peeved.  Lisleman is A Few Clowns Short Of A Circus so I am pretty sure most of us will feel quite at home over there. Oh and don’t get me started on Perpetually Peeved, sheez what a passively challenged ranter is she? Anywho Loons, make sure you do a drive-by and check out their blogs and who nose, you may just run away with the circus or be inspired to ring consumer affairs and have a good old bitch.

That's Lisleman (we think?)

Psst For all the late comers, yes I’m talking to you Sekan, you can read here I am A Bottom Dwelling Blogger about how to join this elite group.


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More Bottom Dwelling Bloggers

That's Tony

Seems we are not alone in the murky depths of blogland, joining us to dwell is the irrepressible Flat Tony who suffers from  INTCMBA (I need to change my blog again) syndrome. People are beginning to think he is highly paranoid or he owes the Tassie TAB some big bucks. Tony can now be located at Mad Tony YNOT Tony McGurk. One thing I can say about Tony, despite his tendencies to up and move, is the length he will go to make his blog entertaining and unique. It takes a special type of man (a Tasmanian) to wander into an Op Shop and grab snaps of ill fitting headwear or pull the piss on the Amish.

That's Dan

Oh and Dan, Dan McGinley Humor, another bottom dwelling blogger, has decided to wallow with us. Unfortunately Dan didn’t read all the steps to becoming a bottom dweller as he failed to include Bearman’s banner in his post but we will forgive him because lets face it, we can’t afford not to. Check out Dan at Dan McGinley Humor.


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Tin Can Comics Is A Bottom Dwelling Blogger

That's Steve

Well Loons, we have our first random to become one of the elite group of Bottom Dwellers. Introducing Tin Can Comics. I hope all you Loons check out his blog and make him feel welcome by filling his comments section with a lot of LOLs, WTFs and spelling mistakes!

Tin Can Comics

Don’t forget to shit in his nest loons….. Tin Can Comics


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Attention Bottom Dwelling Bloggers

Well guess what Dave from Hambo Central? With in minutes of you posting “I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger” your post became number 3 on the search term  “Bottom Dwelling Blogger”. Congratulation and welcome to the elite group.Come on people, if you think your blog deserves to be read, loved and nurtured by other bottom dwellers, just follow the simple steps. Oh and don’t forget to check out Dave’s post here I’m a Bottom Dwelling Blogger.

UPDATE : After writing this post I had another little sticky peak and WTF, Hambo, Hatters and British (who I have never heard of) are all featured. BUT wait there’s more…guess who also snuck in while we weren’t watching?  Sheez, she’s good, she’s really good…..


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