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Tinder Date Rescue

Take a bow Brickyard pub in England. Every woman who has ever had a horror date applauds you. The pub has a sign inside the female toilets suggesting an exit strategy for extracting ones self from a bad date.

PSST You kinda wonder how many of these they dealt with before sticking up the sign?

tinder date


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Maximus Does Not Play Fair

Poor Claude came off second best yet again. What a pain in the butt!!!


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Cat Wine

Sleeping it off

Sleeping it off

OMG, Claudius is harassing me to buy a bottle of Nyan Nyan Nouveau. Seems my internet surfing kitty has discovered a Japanese company who makes wine for cats. Fortunately I blocked his Paypal account before he was able to buy a crate. The wine, which is made from Cabernet Sauvignon juice and catnip is selling for $4 a bottle. The company also sells Wan Wan Beer for dogs.

Psst “Nyan Nyan” means “meow meow” in Japanese


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Claudius Vs a Gang of Mean Chooks

This is why Claudius has to have supervised visits outside. It’s a cruel world ….



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My Bad?

I heard a calamity in the loungeroom yesterday and discovered that Claudius had somehow found the bird net which was in a cupboard and had managed to drag it into the loungeroom and then proceeded to get caught in it. He looked at me like “what is this damn contraption I found myself trapped in?”

Claudius in a bird net

What confounded trap is this?


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Evil Kitty

I got rights

I got rights

Apologies, Claudi-ass disconnected my internet and I had to crawl under my desk, broken glass,  Harry Potter figurine, and my disapproving Mao Tse-tung statue to access connection. Bad kitty.


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Claudius Doing Selfies

Checked my phone over the weekend and discovered that Claudius has been doing selfies!!!! Bad kitty.


Claudius doing selfies


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Easter Kitty

Claudius has delusions of grandeur ….

easter kitty


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Top Gun Kitty

Kitty cat is go.  Claudius has delusions of grandeur.

Top Gun kitty


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Ghost Protocol Kitty

Oh for crying out loud Claudius, one more time, you are NOT an action hero!!!!!

Ghost Protocol Kitty


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