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Collection of Margaret River Cow Parade cows

Visit Me Cow

It’s a cow, it’s a zebra, it’s a cow. Sheez, this cow is located in the foyer of the Quest Hotel in Margaret River.If you got time to kill you can always stay and read all the news headlines plastered on the bovine.

Out of Africa

Extra! Extra! read all about it!


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Moothane Factory Cow

Oh hell yeah and it blows smoke. The Moothane Factory Cow can be found outside the Margaret River Home Hardware and Timber store right opposite the gas bottles and BBQs. A secret button located on the walking gas factory sends smoke soaring skyward.

Heusso – Is this the end of the Divine Bovine? ….meat, milk and leather vs. methane gas …Who’s really killing who?

Just don't light a match!

Refined gas

Yep, my gas is worth bottling

I wouldn't stand there!

At night it hides among the knick knacks


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Naughty Icarus Cow

I don’t know if this cow can really fly but why take any chances.The Naughty Icarus was designed by artists Mitchell McAuley and Jonathon Leahy for the 2010 Margaret River Cowparade.

Psst I could think of worse things than being chained outside the Colonial Brewing Co all day!

He ain't going nowhere

Totally grounded cow!

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Moorine Marauder Cow

Aye, Aye, me hearties, it’s a friggin moo cow piratess and her trusty steel parrot. Designed by Geographe Marine Engineering, this pipe smoking, rum drinking, three legged bovine of the high seas has not only had her nose and ears pierced but also her udders…ouch!

Aye! Aye!

Can some refill me rum?

That's how you get iron in milk!

Rust proof parrot

Keeping an eye out for swallywags


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Till The Cows Come Home

Make them stop, make them stop!!!! This Cowparade bovine is located at the Perth International Airport, having obviously left the main herd in search of a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. Unfortunately it is hard to slip into someones luggage without being noticed. Big heifer! Ooh and did I happen to mention it cost me a friggin fortune in parking to get the friggin thing too! Till The Cows Come Home was designed by artists Ros Barry and Margaret Heenan.

Till The Cows Come Home

Note the bad lighting and drab carpets!


Busy, ain't it?

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Cow Patch

Anyone for a patchwork cow? This Cow Patch  bovine was designed by Betsy Bush and grazes on hay outside  Tassell Park Wines.

Food and wine, what more does a cow want?

Hand stitched!

It's like a snuggie blanket for cows


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Jetty Cow

The Jetty Cow can be found grazing near the Busselton Jetty, which happens to be one of the longest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Jane Holland – “Jetty” Cow got left behind during the ‘Busselton Jetty Swim’. Lonely and lost, she spent a year living under the Jetty; this is the result.

Jetty Cow

Something is fishy!


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Vineyard Cow

Yes Loon, we are getting close to the end of these friggin cows. Introducing Vineyard Cow by Karin Luciano. This lazy assed bovine can be found soaking up the sun outside the Quest Margaret River Hotel.

Just blending in

Can some get me a beer?

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Books Moove Me Cow

I know you wait with baited breath for these cows, so without further ado, here’s Books Moove Me cow designed by the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. The book inspired bovine can be found outside the McLeod Creek wines and let me just say, their Shiraz was fantastic.

‘Books Moove Me’, the society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators cow, reminds us of the power and magic of children’s books and young imaginations.

Books Moove Me Cow

Hmm, what's with the teeth?

Ships ahoy

Books make the perfect tent

What's a children's book cow without a dinosaur!

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Leeuwin Current Cow

The Leeuwin Current Cow has one of the best locations in the Cowparade, right under the Wonky Windmill at the Wonky Windmill Farm…. that will blow the methane clear. I don’t know Loons,  the only time fish looks good on a cow is when it’s on my friggin plate !!

Pretty Art Collective- Leeuwin Current Cow honors the huge schools of beautiful Australian Salmon which follow the warm waters off the coast of southwest WA each year.

Blow that damn methane right out of here!

Surf and Turf

It always smells fishy round here


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