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Rise of the Machines!!

This is what it has come to I guess…..


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Step Away From The Bieber Doll

A police officer who was arrested for beating his girlfriend in Denver claims she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll. How old are these people, 8?

Psst Does the story warrant such a long article I ask myself? Sauce.


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Crazy Bitch Doll

Seems some parents in the US have got all righteous over the “crazy bitch” talking doll. Apparently it is suppose to simply baby babble, not say “crazy bitch”. The “crazy bitch” doll, aka “You and Me doll” , is brought to you by Toys R Us and the letters WTF!!!


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Friggin Reborn Babies

Holy scary crap people, who the hell would even think of owning a reborn baby? I stumbled across these friggin evil man mad monstosities when I read a story about police in England smashing the window of a car, believing a baby had been locked inside, only to discover it was a “reborn baby”. These lifelike little creatures have become popular amongst the friggin insane doll collectors and look identical to real babies. Sleep with one eye open people!

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Breast Feeding Doll Anyone?

Debate time…Berjuan Toys have just released “Breast Milk Baby” a breast feeding doll for little girls. Bless. The doll comes with a top that the child can wear which has two flower nipples and a sensor that makes sucking sounds. As you would expect the doll has hit the controversy button. Camp A says …  its a normal part of life and teaches the child that breast feeding is a natural and normal way to feed a baby. Camp B ….WTF, this will encourage young girls to get pregnant. Camp C …. why can’t kids just be kids.


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Happy Birthday Ken

Happy Birthday me!

Guess who is turning the big 50? No, not me you fools, its Ken. You know, Barbie’s ex.Yes sirree and rumors are Barbie dumped Blaine, her Aussie boogie boarder boyfriend, and is now back with Ken. All is now good with the world.

Psst Can’t wait for the midlife crisis doll!


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Little Mommy, Gotta Go Doll

Good grief, was that a turd in the toilet?


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