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They Never Learn

dunceHoney, sweetie, darl, just a little reminder. When picking up your girlfrind from prison please don’t use a stolen truck for heavens sakes. OK, well let this be a warning.

PSST Arizona


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dumbassOh bless, a phone thief,  with no friggin clue, took some selfies on her stolen new phone unaware she was also uploading them the the owner’s online storage. Oooo burn. Police now have a pretty good description of the culprit. Pucker up loser.


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A Bag With Balls

Scrote toteLook away Loons, this can’t be unseen. Introducing the Scrote-n-Tote bag. Yes, a backpack that looks like a scrotum. I know, I know  …why? Seems having a big hairy ball sack on your back is kinda cool. The designer is currently using crowd funding to get this to market.



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Carpool Fail

zombie dollThinking you won’t get caught driving in the carpool lane with a zombie doll buckled in as a passenger, priceless. Umm well not really, that will be a $136 fine mister. At #trickorticket


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Back To The Drawing Board

Oh for the love of common sense. Forget steroids to win Kenya’s Nairobi International Marathon, why not just emerge from a crowd about a km from the finishing line and then sprint passed the exhausted competitors. Ta-da $7,000 in your pocket. Everything went according to plan for Njogu, except for the fact he wasn’t sweating and had no signs of fatigue, despite having supposedly just run 42km. Officials raised their eyebrows, had a little chat and then disqualified the friggin cheat…. oh and arrested him.


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Vegemite is What?

OK, Vegemite is a LOT of things but I think you are clutching the cray cray straw if you believe it is racist…disgusting and gross yes, but racists nope. Get off the kool-aid…it is yeast extract and now owned by an American company.


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Maxi Pad Bandit

One more time Loons, if you are going to conceal your face while robbing a store please don’t use something that will end in tears …and a life of mockery. Poor, silly Gary wasn’t thinking straight when he stuck a feminine hygiene pad on his forehead to conceal his identity when he broke into an auto parts store. He not only got caught but he will now be forever known  as the Maxi Pad Bandit. Dear lord, what were you thinking Gary?



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Ram Raid Fail

OMG guys, seriously?  You had a friggin car, two lorries and a forklift truck, and you still couldn’t manage to get the ATM. Get a real job.



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Pointless Special

This is a bargain down under…. especially considering we don’t have 1 or 2 cents any more so it  will be rounded to nearest dollar making it…$20.


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Selfie Fire Fail

I kinda wanted more….like them floating down the street.


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