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Why Eviryone Luvs Air New Zealind Commircials

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Doggone It

What does an impatient dog do when his owner is taking his own sweet time getting back to the car?


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Hope You Like

Evidently dressing up as Borat in the infamous green mankini in Kazakhstan is considered minor hooliganism (love that word!). Just ask the 6 Czech tourists who were detained and fined.  Still too soon. Seems the Kazakhs are still really pissed at that movie for making them out to be backward peasants.

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Kathy Griffin Battles On

You kind of know your life isn’t going so well when you end up at the Astor in Perth doing your stand up.  Part curiosity and part, I kinda love the crazy D lister with her slightly insane …. are the “Men in Black” behind me nerverousness….. made me go.  I admire the Kathy Griffin spunk. She “literally” has had the rug pulled out from under her after The Donald photo shoot . She looked fragile and nervous when she walked onstage, a shadow of her former self. I couldn’t read the audience as she drew the weirdest demographic. However the moment she stepped on stage and people cheered, it was cathartic no doubt.

Her act revolved around The Donald and her fall from grace. I was hoping she would drop the whole The Donald is a Nazi routine after numerous nervous rants because she really didn’t need to . In between her desperate need to explain herself, she was actually funny.  Love her or hate her , she is just a comedian. A comedian who stuffed up badly. But in this fickled world of entertainment surely they should throw her some slack. When Kanye went all dissy on TayTay it wasn’t long before his bad behaviour was swept umder the rug.

You could tell that Miss Griffin was just holding it together when nearing the end of the show she let the tears roll. For one brief moment the enormity of her plight could be seen by all. The Hollywood D Lister living next door to the Kardashians and who worked along side some of the biggest names in Hollywood was performing to a three quarter full theatre in downtown suburbia in the most isolated capital city in the world. That would make anybody cry.

You could tell she was shocked by her unexpected show of emotions but the crowd  for the first time saw  Kathy Griffin the person not the persona. And they loved it.

Here is hoping she can move on from The Donald and get back to being the D lister she really is!


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Father Knows Best

I’m going to blame this on the “You had one job to do!” backlash from his wife. A father spent hours trying to get his son’s head unstuck from two bars at a construction site.


No matter what he did the kid remained stuck. As the hours ticked by he was fearing he would have to call for help or worse…his wife. But then like a bolt of genius he realised he was doing it all wrong. That was awks!

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Can’t Be Unseen

Oh tsk, tsk Chesterfield. What was meant to be a lovely floral tribute to the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death has turned into an epic fail. Social media just lost it’s mind over the ancient Derbyshire tradition of using flowers and natural materials to make a collage. One twitter user wrote “Nice use of weetabix for her teeth.” You be the judge Loons…


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Shirehampton Shit Slinger

Its an epic tale of dating fail. Picture this. You are on your first Tinder date. You get invite back to the guy’s house. Everything  is going great until you have to go to the toilet. You realise it’s a number 2 coming. Fine, no worries. But the goddamn turd is a floater. It won’t flush. Quick, think? You haven’t got a handbag to scoop the poop into.  OMG, think quick. Window! Lets throw it out the window. All sounds legit. Hmm, except your aim is atrocious and instead of throwing it out the window you throw it between an internal and external layer of glass. There it is the turd staring at you from between the glass. WTF…noooooooo!!!!

This is the moment of truth. What are you going to do. Just leave and pray the guy will never notice or just be up front and tell him? OR…option three, try and retrieve it?  OK, in hindsight option three was not the best move. I can only picture the guys face when she had to scream for help. Getting wedged inside the two layers of glass with your poo steaming away is one thing…having to explain yourself….50 shades of shame. Luckily the shit slinger of Shirehampton had a great sense of humour and though they had to call the fire brigade and endure further humiliation she did get the guy to snap photos of it all. Bless. A story to tell the grandkids.

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