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Embarrassed Much?

Dum dee dum dumb!

Dum dee dum dumb!

Oh dear god, for the love of Heineken, Gerhard Wilder from Bochum in Germany found himself wedged in a drain thanks to his beer belly . The embarrassed beer drinker had been making his way along the street when he fell into the open drain after some fool had removed the cover. When he tried to get out, his beer belly became wedged and he had to wait for help. Eventually a motorist spotted poor old Gerhard protruding from the road.
It took firefighters an hour to dismantle the drain to get Gerhard and his belly out of the hole. The poor guy was last seen skedaddling from the scene the moment he was unplugged to avoid further embarrassment no doubt or to get to a toilet. Hmm, if only someone didn’t take a few snaps…


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Handicap? Well, I have a dickie knee!

Handicap? Well, I have a dickie knee!

OK, here’s the thing, when planning to smuggle £83,000 worth of cocaine in your golf clubs it would probably help if you knew a little thing or two about the game (isn’t that right Jammers?). Hmm, especially when the custom officer asks you what is your handicap and you stare back blankly with a look of complete and utter confusion. Katyti Dryer in her infinite wisdom thought he was talking about a disability. Hmm, that answer will win you a search. Custom officers found 1kg of cocaine in the shafts of her clubs. Katyi now has all the time in the world to practice her swing.

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Hello, Hello Can Anyone Hear Me?

Thieves steal fake cell phonesIf the dudes that broke into a Telefonica Movistar cell-phone store in Morelia, Mexico, are reading this blog… the phones that you stole are NOT working because they are the friggin hollow replica phones for display purposes only, dumbasses. Hmm, seems the real phones and money were in another section of the store! Staff are still giggling!


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Not The “N” Word

Do we care?

Do we care?

Say it isn’t so. What do you get when Russian energy giant Gazprom and a Nigerian gas company join forces? Hmm…. Nigaz. Think about it people! WTF were they thinking? Last week Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Nigerian counterpart Umaru Yar’Adua agreed to a $2.5 billion international venture to build refineries and gas power stations in Nigeria….all they had to do was come up with a friggin name. Anywho, someone suggested combining  Nigeria and Gazprom and viola the rest is racist history… Nigaz. Priceless. I sure hope the good people of Nigeria have a sense of humor because be damned they’d have it in America!


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Nona Paris Thinks I was The One

Look what just crawled out of the wood pile, Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson. You know her, Michael Jackson’s wife. Seems Nola has been married to the King of Pop for years. Damn you TMZ, why weren’t you onto this earlier? The secret wife has had an active court case pending since December. And let me tell you Nola ain’t at all happy about what’s going on with MJ’s estate. She has asked “that all my husband’s properties, monies and assets must be transferred to me immediately” oh and while your at it “my husband’s body must be returned to the coroner’s or the mortuary immediately.” Geez, sounds like a wife! She is also claiming the children are hers and she wants Michael’s mom to leave them kids alone. OK, can the rest of you crazies take a ticket because it is going to be a very long line.

Come on, you know I am gonna have a video of crazy lady (well I think it’s her)  see what you think … YouTube

Psst Honey, sweetie, darl… for starters, his kids are white or part there of!  Hmm, I think this is all one big crazy hoax but I am going to roll with it because I think she is as crazy as a cut snake! If MJ had sex with her, he was crazier than we first thought!


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Excuse Me, Do You Think I Could Change Seats?

OK, where does it say you can’t strip down naked during a commercial flight? Hmm, maybe in the fine print. Well one passenger made himself quite at home while on  a US Airways flight from Charlotte to LA. Yep, he proceeded to take off all his clothes and sit in all his glory during the flight. Lucky for the unfortunate soul who was sitting next to him, off-duty law enforcement officers were on board and promptly restrained him after he ran up and down the aisle.The flight was diverted to Albuquerque (huh, what’s in Albuquerque?). Oh dear, wont he be embarrassed when he discovers some bemused passengers have taken photos on their cell phones and given them to every media outlet in the world!


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And Where Do You Think You Are Going With That?

Student caught stealing jail computerSometimes you just cant help yourself. William K Bradley a Western Michigan Uni student has been named  in the top 6  of the Kalamazoo County Circuit Judge Gary Giguere Jr’s all time dumbest criminal list. Nice achievement considering you’re a friggin uni student. So what did he do? Hmm, well it seems he stole a computer from the Kalamazoo County jail while he was already serving a sentence for some other crime. That’s another 6 months tacked on right there! I want to see his list!


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Pizza Hut and Dominos Take Note

Man robs pizza shop but stays to eat pizzaHow good are pizzas in Croatia? Ante Baranovic decided to rob his local pizza shop. Armed with a knife he ordered the staff to hand over 6 of the best whilst he robbed them. Unfortunately the aroma wafting from the pizza boxes was just too much for Baranovic and he just had to sit down and take a few bites. When police arrived he was still there. It was reported that Baranovic told police “I know I should have run but those pizzas are good.” Bless, no need for Chuck!

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I’ll Take The Credit

Seven people arrested after posting video on YouTubeColor me stupid. Police have had their jobs made a whole lot easier after a group of seven youths, who set a building on fire, posted the incident on Youtube and included their names on the credits. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. The footage shows the group setting off Molotov cocktails inside the building and also closeups of their faces. Credits roll. The Maine police have now charged the bright sparks with arson and burglary.

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