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You Can Learn A Lot From Fossilized Poop

Holy fossilized hyena poop Batman. Scientists have discovered human hair in a piece of 257,000 year old fossilized hyena poo. human hair found in  fossilized hyena pooHmm, a slow moving Neanderthal no doubt. Anywho, not only did this person become the hyena’s lunch but they had bad friggin hair. The lack of hair scales on the sample suggests they weren’t shampooing or conditioning much and the abrasion on the ends means they were probably sleeping in rock crevices. Sucked to be them.


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Searching For the “Evil” Gene

Evil gene...and you?

Evil gene…and you?

Years ago I read a book by a Quantico profiler who had studied some of the worse serial killers in the US. He hinted that it was highly probably that there was a direct link between their actions and a dodgy gene. However, the FBI were reluctant to confirm this in fear that it would act as a loophole for lawyers to get their clients off.  So where am I going with this? Well, today it was announced that a group of  United States geneticists want to study Newtown school killer Adam Lanza’s remains, in the hope of finding a mutant gene. The problem is, if they do identify it, then what?  We test people for the “evil” gene and ??????  Hmm, there’s a stigma you just don’t want.


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How To Spot A Psychopath

We are looking for someone who can’t smell.

According to researchers at Macquarie University in Sydney, psychopaths have a really poor sense of smell….hmm and empathy. A smelling test on 79 non criminal psychopaths revealed that they were unable to identify distinctive smells such as coffee, oranges and leather. This dysfunction has been traced to the orbito-frontal complex (OFC) part of the brain that has also been linked to severe personality disorders. So you really can’t tell a psychopath to wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Psst Someone might want to inform CSI


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Most Stupidest Comparison

New findings from the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey  conclude that the number of American women who have been raped is greater than the number who are current smokers. Sheez,  I’ll remember that for trivial pursuit!


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Bone Eating Snot Flower Worms

Oh for crying out loud keep those friggin “bone-eating snot flowers” away from me. Researches in London have found examples of these mini Osedax worms in a 3 million year old whale fossil. These bone eating snot flower worms , also known as zombie worms organisms, haven’t got a mouth or intestine but infiltrate bones with their fleshy root tissues in order to extract food. Dear god, keep those things in a jar!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Who’s Funnier, Men or Women?

According to the Uni of California, who did a study on which sex is the funniest,  the winner is …..drum roll please…. MEN, but only by a hare’s breath and mostly when they are in the company of other men. I demand a recount!

Want sauce with that?

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Clumsy Much?

Now here’s a statistic to ponder. Evidently over 5,000 US kids and teens fall out of windows each year and get seriously hurt. Oh and most of them are from first and second floor windows. Hmm, but what I really want to know is how many of them were pushed?

Want sauce with that?


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Pack Something Warm

Hi honey, I'm home!

Grab your anoraks and uggies loons, we might be heading for a mini Ice Age according to two leading US scientists.It’s all to do with the decline in solar activity which causes the sunspots to disappear and thus tmperatures to drop. Anywho, another professor believes, that global warming is so bad , we won’t be living in igloos in fact we will be lucky if we even notice the decline. Thanks inconvenient truth!


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Hey Doc, What Is That Rash?

Well it wasn't me!!!!

Oh my, if you are a senior cit you may want to sit down for this. Seems STDs amongst the oldies are on the rise in the US and  syphillis and chlamydia are the top rankers. In the past 5 years the increase of sexually transmitted diseases among those 55 and older increased by 43%. Oh and if you live in Florida make that 71%. Seems no one gave them the safe sex talk. The increase is being blamed on healthier lives  and Viagra. Hmm, obviously there is more than just bingo happening at retirement communities.

Want a cream for that?


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Here’s Something I Bet You Didn’t Know!

Important news flash people, after 40 years of controversy it can now be confirmed, fleas jump from their feet not their knees. Still no cure for cancer.

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