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A Horse Walks Into a Bar

And the bartender says ….. Why such a long face?


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Baby Poo Sausages

Ooh yummy. Scientists in Italy believe chomping on sausages containing bacteria from baby poo could be good for your health.  I will leave you with that thought.


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Mary Wears a Hard Hat

ass 2Health and safety sucks in Wales. An 8 year old kid who is playing Mary in a Nativity play will have to wear a hard hat when she rides on the donkey. Seems the owner of the donkey has his hands tied due to health and safety rules. Sheez, lucky the real Mary didn’t fall and crack her noggin or she would be suing… oh wait, never mind.


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Vultures Eat Tourist

Vultures eat touristWhat is worse than falling 300m to your death? That,  plus being devoured by vultures who leave only a few bones, clothes and your shoes for rescuers to find. Hmm, seems it took about 40 minutes for the nasty beasts to eat the tourist who had been trekking in the French Pryenees. So scratching that off my bucket list!


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If you go down to the woods today, You’re sure of a big surprise

Dude, just a little sniff....

Dude, just a little sniff….

How can you spot a Russian bear? It’s the one passed out after sniffing aviation fuel. Seems the Soviet brown bears have become quite the junkies. They love nothing better than taking deep breaths from the discarded fuel barrels (at the Kronotsky Nature Reserve) before digging a shallow hole in the snow to trip out. Hmm, I’m guessing Goldilocks is probably a crack ho too.

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The Worst Exotic Marigold Hotel

Wealthy woman dups disabled husband in IndiaHere’s a novel way to cut care costs for your disabled hubby. Take him to a really, really, poverty stricken area in India and pay some randoms £1,500 a month to take care of him and viola. It will save you the £6,000 a month in care bills you are paying in Switzerland. Trick is not to get caught like the wealthy 65 year old banker. She left her hubby with some Indian “carers” and jetted back to her life of luxury in Zurich but he died 9 months later from neglect and poor hygiene. She still would have gotten away with it had those damn carers not notified the Swiss authorities that he had died, been cremated and chucked in the river. That’s 4 years behind bars right there. Hmm, now she really is a scum dog millionaire.

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Sorry Dad, I Thought It Was Loose Change

No, I won’t take you to the dentist

You are 9 years old living in Ukraine. One day you discover your parents secret stash of money hidden in the couch. What do you do? Well, you take that $4,000 and you spend it on candy, that’s what. Every last hryvnas. But to alleviate most of the guilt you share the candy with your mates. Christmas is really gonna suck for you kid.


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Developers to Demolish Frank Lloyd Wright house

OMG, one of the most iconic architects of the modern generation, Frank Lloyd Wright, would be rolling around in his grave. Seems an Arizona land developer is planning to demolish, yes, you heard me, demolish, one of his great masterpieces. The not so well known spiral concrete house was designed and built by Frank for his son in 1952. It has remained relatively off the radar to most historians because his son didn’t want his home to become a landmark. Now, however,  it will be permanently off the radar if preservationists can’t find someone to buy it off the developers in the next two days.  Hmm, good luck with that.

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Roadkill Anyone?

OMG, a Chinese restaurant in Kentucky has been shut down after a health inspector discovered roadkill in the kitchen. The dead deer had been wheeled through the eating area  earlier and was spied by a horrified customer who saw its leg sticking out of a garbage bag. The owner’s son later fessed he found the dead animal on the side of the road but said he had planned to serve it to his family not his customers.


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When Flight Attendants Go Wild

Blame the other bitch!

What would have been a simple one hour flight from New York to Washington turned out to be a friggin four hour delay after two flight attendants had a hissy fit and were kicked off by the pilot. Seems one of the American Eagle flight attendants began talking on her cell phone after the other one had told passengers to turn off all phones and electronics  for take off. She repeated the request over the PA to include the flight attendant and then things just got ugly. In the end the pilot returned to the gate and kicked both the women off (as they refused to work together) and then waited…and waited…and waited …. for replacements.


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