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Stop Looking

Apparently Amelia Earhart has been found…well sort of. A US scientist is 99% certain that the bones found on Howland Island in the 1940s were that of the lost aviator. Problem is, the bones have been lost. But never let that get in the way of a good story. The scientist has the original bone measurements (pre lost) and from those measurements he has estimated the size of Amelia’s bones against photographs … and they apparently match. Not very convincing if you ask me. The theory is Amelia crashed on the island and lived as a castaway before succumbing to the elements.

PSST You might want to keep looking…just saying.


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This Looks Like A Job For Demerit Man

Move over Superman, there is a new superhero in Australia. Faster than a speeding car, more powerful than a full strength, able to leap tall curbs in a single bound…it’s Demerit Man. Disguised as the mild mannered bogan of Tamworth, the dude wearing a VB beer carton on his head, covers the speed camera with a tea towel, saving the unsuspecting motorists from a certain fine. Well done Demerit Man. Thank you for using your amazing powers in a never ending battle for truth and justice.


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Anyone Missing A Boeing 737?

Conspiracy Theorists don your deerstalkers we have a mystery. Seems there is a Boeing 737 plane sitting in a gated and guarded property on the Bukit Penisula in Bali, Indonesia. No one seems to know how it got there or even when. It is in a little quarry just minding its own beeswax. Thought loons?


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Lost In Space

One minute you are friggin awesome the next minute you are a work in progress. Yesterday the world was abuzz with the news of Elon Musk’s Space X launch. Yay Elon. Now it seems its orbit will be the asteroid belt and not Mars. The little convertible car shot into space has overshot its target and now it faces a grim future. If it survives being pummeled by flying rocks it will likely disintegrate from harsh radiation and cosmic rays. Sheez, I hope those aliens aren’t watching,  this is so awks.

PSST – They are broadcasting live from the little red car with a Stig lookalike dummy. Here is hoping we see it get hit by an asteroid.


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What a Crack Up

I don’t know who came up with this idea but pure evil genius. A sneaky little LED light effect makes it look like the walkway is cracking beneath the feet of unsuspecting Chinese tourists.


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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh bless, China is building a laser so friggin powerful it could rip a hole in space. Take that aliens! The laser will be able to produce 10,000 times the power of the entire world’s electrical grids. Which means it will be the mother of all lasers.


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What Part of Weird

You know when they catch a serious criminal and the neighbours always say, “Sheez, I would never have guessed he looked so normal and nice.”? Hmmm, well whatup neighbours of David Turpin?  Seriously, even the haircut is a crime. Just saying.

The checks and balances simply failed these 13 kids/adults/captives. I kind of did the maths on when the parents went all Norman Bates and seems to coincide with the eldest child turning 18. I guess they didn’t want to lose control over their children. Sickness or not, 13 souls have now had their lives irreparably damaged. No amount of Dr Phil or Oprah is going to fix this mess.

I really do hope they throw the Bible book at them.

PSST I refuse to post any images of the children but quite happy to post everything about these two bottom dwellers. Jailhouse Rock Turpins.

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