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Can’t Be Unseen

Oh tsk, tsk Chesterfield. What was meant to be a lovely floral tribute to the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death has turned into an epic fail. Social media just lost it’s mind over the ancient Derbyshire tradition of using flowers and natural materials to make a collage. One twitter user wrote “Nice use of weetabix for her teeth.” You be the judge Loons…


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She Lives

Despite popular belief that Kim Jong Un’s wife had been executed, the  unluckiest woman in the world  has been dragged brought out into the public to attend a lavish banquet. It’s the first time Mrs Kim Jong Un has been seen in public since December.  The banquet was in held in honour of the latest hydrogen bomb test. It is believed the missus was hidden away due to a pregnancy. Gossip surrounds the couple’s  other two children with Kim Jong Un. Bets are they are girls as they have never been seen in public. Fingers crossed the latest is a boy or we might not be seeing her again.

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You Have To Be Kidding

Evidently goat yoga is a thing. The Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary are offering  Goat Yoga sessions.  Yep and they have been so popular they have had to add more.  Hmmm, I wonder if kids are allowed…get it ki…oh nevermind.

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Shopping Begone

A guy has invented a material that can grow at the same time as a child. Yep, it’s true. Saving parents thousands on clothing. The clothes can fit a 3yr old to a 6 yr old. No more kids growing out of their clothes. The material is engineered to grow up to 6 sizes. Now all you have to do is convince your snowflake to wear this for 3 years.


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I Might Be A Bird But I’m Not Stupid!

I’m not sure if this is another case of “fake news” but a hawk decided a taxi cab was a safe place as any to hide from Hurricane Harvey. Be damned if he was going to be getting out anytime soon. Hmm, I wonder if the cab driver left the meter running?


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Presidential Pooch

The South Korean president is a legend. Finally a politician that keeps a promise. The president is now the proud owner of a rescue dog that was saved from a dinner plate. Unfortunately,  some parts of South Korea still eat dog . This little pooch was rescued from a man about to kill him for supper. The Rescue Centre had a hard time placing little Tory in a home because of the prejudices against black animals. They called on the president and his campaign promise to adopt the 2 year old …and he did. I know what you are thinking….but he has two pooches (he’s safe).

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If you were getting money out of an ATM and a note reading “Please help me I am stuck inside the machine” came out the receipt slot what would you do? Well if you were in Texas, you would ignore it. Some poor ATM repair man was frantically writing notes after accidentally locking himself inside the machine but people were ignoring them because they thought it was some sort of prank.


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