Loon Regulars


As my blog roll can’t accommodate all the Friggin Loon tribe and I lose track of who youΒ  all friggin are, I am stealing your gravatars and linking them here! If your gravatar doesn’t appear here, well you’re just not friggin commenting enough! If it does but you hardly every visit, well shame on you! Feel free to harass these guys, just click their gravatar.


Celtic Queen

Celtic Queen


Sekan Blogger


Jammers 5

Nurse Myra

Nurse Myra


Bearman Cartoons


Lynn & Rip







Agent X

Agent X





Mark Riley

Mark Riley

Yorks & Beans

Yorks & Beans







Oz Soap Box

Oz Soap Box



Apples & Lint

Apples & Lint

Claire Collins

Claire Collins

Dennis Vizsla

Dennis Vizsla



The Hog

The Hog

Cat Lady

Cat Lady

Cobbly Sans

Cobbly Sans



Susi Spice

Susi Spice



Counter culture clown

Counter Culture


S. Le



Jay Jay

Scott Oglesby


Cat God

Wench Handle

Don Mills

Tanner Leah

Bird Shit



Corve DaCosta

Midwest Mom

Flat Tony

Writer Dood

Tight Slacks

Izzy Darling


Dan McGinley

Perpetually Peeved

Gruff Guano




























96 responses to “Loon Regulars

  1. That is a very fine gallery of blogstars…

  2. jammer5

    A genuine rogues gallery of some really weird people and one fine figure of a man. See picture to the right . . . . . . .

  3. Nevr been so dangd pleasd to see my head mountd on a wall …

    Honord, truly …

    … tickld, evn.

  4. I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.

  5. Joey and I shouldn’t be on here. If anything, we’re loony irregulars. Not enough prunes.

    • Ah but am sure if we are nice you might stay and play a lot more. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!
      Psst I was going to have a section for the bastards that don’t visit enough but thought , that’s a friggin long list!

  6. Ann

    Oh shit I should have left my photo gravatar. On second thoughts all the guys will be reeling back in horror. I think Jammers and Sekan are very handsome. Polanski Nie ~Tak EH !
    Just joshing ya guys

  7. Ann

    Ok all you Kansas dudes. Galveston is playing on the radio right now. This song and Wichita Linesman are two of my favourites. The problem is they are too short.

  8. Atlas? I hope he don’t shrug!

  9. Great idea! Only the worthy shall be named!

  10. I’m so honored to be in such great company! Thanks Loon!

  11. Why are Nobbly and Cat lady standing on their own in the corner?

    Have they been naughty? 😯

  12. HUH! Slinks off …. tail between legs ….

  13. where’s ‘finger-lickin’ Frank ? πŸ˜‰

    • Frank hasn’t got a friggin blog, I can’t link him anywhere. Ah OK, chick grinding dude will get a spot too! Hope Julie doesn’t mind being stuck next to him. He is prone to one too many Lime Twisted gins 😦 . Behave Frank, behave!!!

  14. ummmm… Okay, I’ll try to behave…but it’s not easy with so many easy targets out there…

  15. I wanna be moved … you can put Frank next to Nobbles and moi on the right hand side of Frank … Nobbles is a tight-fisted bully – Frank can deal with him πŸ˜€

  16. I think if I started a blog, it would be way to angry… I prefer poking around others blogs, like this one… where the cool kids hang out…

  17. Ummm… I have had problems like that before… but only after I eat Mexican food… Currently everything is holding up well… thank you very much…

  18. Lynn

    this is a very good idea loon. i like it! sorry i’ve just noticed it, i should pay mroe attention or get out more whichever the case may be.

    • Yeah Lynn, get with the program πŸ™‚ . It is a great way for me to remember which bloggers to harass each day. Oh except for Frank who is too damn obsessed with his twisted lime gin to write a blog.

      • My blog would never equal the likes of you, Lynn, bschooled, crabby old bastard(fart) and others… I much prefer to lurk around on yours and irritate your regulars… How am I doing? ; )

      • Lynn

        oh no, can you imagine the kind of blog he’d publish? the possibilities are endless…i wonder if he’d do a sexy drunken ornery frank blog?

      • I love following the Frank trail, he ends up all over the place πŸ™‚ Cheeky little devil!

  19. Ann

    Pease don’t encourage him one sex blog is enough. It scares the hell out of me.

  20. Lynn

    did you guys know ann’s on FB? i took a look at her friends, she seems cool but where’s her blog?

    • Ann is blogless just like Frank 😦

    • Ann

      There isn’t one I was referring to another one. I will admit to having a fetish of sorts. I said before that I have Jewish friends and now and again I cook sauerkraut with ‘belly pork” and serve it up to them and watch them eat it. Prawn and lobster are two other things they don ‘t seem to be able to resist. Religion is a funny thing sometimes especially when it comes to what’s kosher and what’s not. Lol my bad but they know it.

  21. Lynn

    hey, i think i’m gonna steal this idea. just tellin’ you up front ~so i don’t wanna hear no friggin whinin’! (smile)

  22. Hey….
    I’m not Crabby
    I’m not, really I’m not…
    I said I’m damn well not crabby!!!

  23. CatGod

    Oh by the way, LOON! I have a special report for you… I have discovered that your relatives are being murdered and then ground up into some nasty concoction for human entertainment, oh the travesty, the tragedy, the sorrow, the needless suffering!!!

    It’s a damn disgrace to kill Loon relatives for this… Where’s Rip when we need him to defend the helpless ones? I much prefer to grind chickens for food than to grind fly’s for jelly… I’m just sayin!… geez! What can we do?

    check it out!!


  24. I think I’m looking quite stunning in my photo, don’t you? Those tan triangles are really slimming.

  25. hello frigginloon its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk its me in my hat!!! hi hat!!! i wunder ware it is now!!! ok bye

  26. aww thanks for adding me to the Loony Bin πŸ™‚

  27. What about me, it isn’t fair, I leave comments & I want my gravatar here. Can’t you see I wanna be here too. But youuu juuust leeeft me off the page…
    What about me,eeee, whaaat abouuut meeeeeeee….

  28. Or has my gravatar been chucked up on the roof??? Typical….

    • Blahahahahaa Flat Tony, I had you here and you friggin disappeared on us….I,m just scared is all πŸ™‚

      • Hey I’m there now. They do say that the noisy wheel gets the oil. Although I got a new bearded gravatar, it’s showing up on other blogs but not here when I leave a comment, weird eh?

  29. The Celtic Queen

    Are you using the same email address? My bee one is attached to my hotmail address. I have two email addresses for virus reasons. If I’m unsure about opening something through bigpond I send it to hotmail as I trust their virus scanner.

  30. To whom it may concern,
    An article with false statements was posted by your website about me. This is the truth.
    Jesus Mares

    • Hi Jesus,

      Thanks for contacting me. I found your comment in the spam filter, so I do apologize for the late response. I will add the link you provided and hope that the issue is resolved. Nothing surprises me about BP 😦

  31. I’m new to this blog… But something tells me I’ll get onto this list in the not-so-distant future. Great work!

  32. Hot dog! I’ve been included with the coolest crew around. πŸ™‚

  33. Found you via Perpetually Peeved…love your stuff!

  34. Fairy Face

    Loon looks like you need to cull. There’s a few gone awol now.

  35. I like this idea! It’s great. May I borrow this idea to use for my blog somewhere down the track?

  36. I’ve seen you around some of the other blogs I follow. Your Tom Mabe murder scene video share hooked me.

  37. That url for me was deleted 2 blogs ago

  38. Androgoth

    So how many comments need I make to be
    added to this Loon-List Loon? πŸ™‚ lol Of course
    thinking about it, do I really want to be noted
    as another Loon? I will have to think on that πŸ™‚

    Be good now Loon πŸ˜‰

    Androgoth XXx

  39. Deb

    Do you mean to tell me of all the comments I’ve made I’m still not considered a regular?…sheesh.

  40. Androgoth

    Just calling by to see how the Loon tree is looking πŸ™‚
    Hey I hope that you are having some fun today Loon πŸ˜‰

    Androgoth XXx

  41. celticqueen1

    How’s Jammers doing Loon?

  42. I’ve been reading every one of your posts, but I do it through Thunderbird and the RSS feed. Just in case you think I’ve abandoned you. πŸ™‚

  43. Aw, didn’t get a mention. (Sniff…)

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