Pregnant Pause

Attention US loons, if you are thinking of purchasing cheap condoms, just be advised they maybe those counterfeit ones from Puerto Rico. And by “those” I mean the ones that probably contain cyanide , arsenic, mercury, lead, urine or rat droppings …just saying. Evidently, they are being shipped from China to Puerto Rico then smuggled over the border to the US. Oh and they aren’t likely to protect you from scary diseases or pregnancy.

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Run Chickens, RUN!!!!

Holy spicy chicken wings Batman, this  Jurassic rooster is real. The Brahma chicken called Merakli is owned by a guy in Europe. Hmmmm, anywhere near Chernobyl?


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Extreme Curling

Bored much? When the art of curling got way too dull for one Russian enthusiast he decided to up the anti and replace the stones with cars. The idea must have tickled the fancy of the local car insurance company because they now have a tournament. So here is how it is played….the cars are stripped of their engine and windows, a team member jumps behind the wheel and steers (this eliminates the use of a broom), and then the car is pushed by team mates,  the closest car to the centre of a painted circle wins.


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Bottling Kitty

Please don’t let this be fake news…. OMG…scent of kitten fur


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Move Over Kardashians

Sure Australia has some mighty scary creatures…but none so scary as this narcissistic bird. The bush stone-curlew bird likes nothing better than staring at itself for hours.


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When Your Kids Be Like

Oh dear, when a professor is talking to BBC about South Korean political troubles and he suddenly has some of his own… enter dutiful wife and mother.

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Nuclear Nightmare Continues

Just when you thought the Fukashima disaster couldn’t get any worse…enter radioactive boars. Yep, the wild beasts ,that had been hanging around the abandoned Japanese nuclear power plant , are now running amok in the vacated towns. Experts believe they are showing signs of being 300 times over the radioactive safety levels. With the government recently announcing people can soon return home to their abandoned towns the race is on to cull them. Seriously? Who would want to go back?

PSST If the boars are radioactive what the hell else is….just saying.


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