Who is Stewing Now?

You know your mum’s stew is friggin awesome when, she rings the police and has you arrested for stealing it. Damn straight, A New Mexican woman had her son arrested for stealing her posole after she told him he couldn’t have any. When her son texted her to ask for some posole she said NO. Next thing she knows ,  the gate and garage are broken and the stew on the stove is GONE.

PSST Judge dismissed the case.


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Frequent Flyer?

The boss of the flying kangaroo got a flying lemon meringue in the kisser during a Leadership conference in Perth. Alan Joyce, the head of Qantas, didn’t see this coming. The culprit is a religious man who hid for hours to unleash his fury at corporations making comments about marriage equality.    Needless to say he is in the doghouse, especially with his wife who had no idea what he was up to.

PSST: Alan Joyce is openly gay

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No Need To Panic BUT!!!

OK, I must admit I haven’t been taking the” North Korea hates the world” thingy very seriously until Anonymous reared its head. Given they are the world’s best hackers, I am assuming they know more about what’s going on than this one finger typer. So when they say start preparing for WWIII I am definitely going to start cleaning out my closets .

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Thought Up By A Man I Presume?

Oh bless, the Austrian Green Party are holding a special meeting for women. Yes they are. And guess what its about? They want to show women how to pee standing up so they can avoid sitting on dirty loos at music festivals and the likes. Hmm, seems to me this would create more of an unholy mess…. just saying.

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Pure Slack Ass Genius

Dave is one lazy bastard. His mate asked him to create a poster for an upcoming event…too easy

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Wildlife Don’t Give A Sh*t

It seems like wildlife have had enough and no longer give a toss about what humans think. Take these kangaroos for instances. Stuff it, lets hold up traffic while we get it on!!!!

Then there is this guy …

Every day, during peak hour traffic, he crosses the busy road to get to his harem on the other side. He don’t care how inconvenient it is. You can goddam wait!!!

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See Ya Later

The scariest part of this video isn’t the gigantic friggin alligator stomping across the golf course …. hell no…it’s the dude telling his mate to stand next to it to get perspective. Yeah Dave, go pat it!

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