Bless me, Father, for I have…

Just heard Simon Cowell has moved to a new 30 mil abode near Pope Francis’s holiday digs. That could be quite the clash, one who believes in God and one who believes he is. At least it will be easier to get a private audience with the Pope, just jump the fence.

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Hate + Guns =

Usually, I like to keep my posts relatively light and non-confrontational, but what up people?  Are these random acts of violence in the US on innocent people due to a) mental illness b) uncontrollable anger c) misinformed rhetoric or d) because they can? I spent most of the weekend shaking my head. Firstly the MAGAbomber sending pipe bombs through the mail and then, the gunning down of Jews in their house of worship. What made it even more depressing was I began thinking that at least the MAGAbomber fruit loop didn’t kill anyone. Yes, sure, he scared the beejeezus out of politicians and newsgroups but no lives were taken. That is a sad way to think. I also find I am becoming more desensitized to mass shootings. This again isn’t healthy. We can do better, can’t we?



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A Win For The Donkeys

Apparently, the Greeks have had enough of fat arses on their asses. Yes, the poor Santorini donkeys of Greece are no longer going to have to haul fat tourists around the island. They are banning them…fat tourists, not the donkeys. Fact. If you weigh over 100kg you can’t get on a donkey. It is now law.


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Rogue Possum

This is one of the few animals in Australia that won’t kill you. And by that I mean, the Brushtail possum may pee, bite and scratch your eyes out, but it won’t kill you. This possum took a liking to our bread and decided to help itself.


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Mind The Gap

A Russian law student has had it with men manspreading on trains and has taken action into her own hands. Armed with a bottle of water mixed with bleach she is “spray crotching” offenders. Yes, you heard me, she is walking up and down aisles of trains and splashing any man who dares spread his legs to an unacceptable width in the crotch. The mixture is guaranteed to leave the area in question bleached. Manspread shaming has just been taken to a new level. So far no one has reported her because let’s face it, who is going to go to the police?

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Strawberry Terrorism

Currently, Australia is in a state of emergency over strawberries. Someone (or a group) has been placing needles and pins in strawberries throughout Australia. It started with one person swallowing a sewing needle and from there it has escalated. Police aren’t sure if it is copycat behaviour but there have now been needles found in strawberries everywhere. Initial panic has resulted in strawberry farmers having to dump their stock. So sad, considering farmers are doing it tough of late. Authorities have no idea at what stage the needles were inserted into the fruit.  It seems all strawberry farmers across Australia have been affected so I am guessing it is happening after the fruit has left the farms. Hopefully, the social media campaign underway to encourage people to buy, buy, buy, will counteract these lowlife scums . We won’t be held to ransom by strawberry terrorists.

PSST I wonder if this is just a case of sour grapes? (pun intended)



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Bunker Down

To all those riding out Hurricane Florence, stay safe. A big shout out to OCD Blogger Girl who is bunkering down in Wilmington. Please remember that some people simply can’t up and leave due to all sorts of reasons. To those, I send thoughts and prayers.

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