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So Is It Your Left or My Left?

Oh crap!

So how much is a testicle worth? Hmm, if you are Italian man who had his healthy one removed in a hospital bungle it’s around $260,000. The unnamed mad had a tumor in his left ball but surgeons accidentally removed the right one. So in the end he had no balls but a nice deposit in his bank account.


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Will They Ever Learn?

How many times do I have to go over this dumbass robbers.Do not and I repeat do not rob a friggin bank when you live five doors down. Urgh, Christopher Walker attacked a cash-in-transit security guard with a stick outside Lloyds bank in Birmingham and then took off with £25,000 in cash. Problem was he proceeded to run home, which was across the road. Mr Walker was arrested within minutes as eye witnesses were able to point out his where- a-bouts.


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Hello, I Have An Emergency Here!

Don't you hang up on me!

Don't you hang up on me!

Ahhh and here I was thinking it was an American phenomenon. A woman in Australia has been charged with making false calls after she rang 000 (Aussie for 911) because her DVD wasn’t working. It is claimed Julia Duggan didn’t just stop at once, she continually rang wanting someone to fix it ( well could they?). Anywho she’s in trouble.


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