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Cop That

police 6One mom in Georgia decided to teach her naughty kid a lesson. After her little spawn’s teacher came for a home visit to discuss Sean’s bad behaviour, mom realised the only way to get through to him was to ring the police. They arrived and arrested the 10 year old, put him in handcuffs and straight into the back of the police car, with lights blazing. Yep, that’ll do it.


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Fresh Air and Breeze Blowing Through Your Hair

The best excuse ever for putting your kid in a cage with a dog in the back of a pickup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike…. ‘I don’t want no dog to suffer. That’s like animal cruelty to me, you know, the dog crying like that.’


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Don’t Try This At Home Kiddies

Boy rings 911 over his early bedtimeA 10 year old kid in Massachusetts got busted after he rang 911 to complain about his mom sending him to bed at 8pm despite not having school the following day. It all went down when his mother called his bluff after he told her he was going to ring the police. Damn straight she said “go ahead” and he did. Despite hanging up without saying a word the cops came a knocking and the boy not only got a big friggin lecture from them but was also grounded for two weeks. Sweet dreams.


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Steve Irwin Envy?

I'm begging you, don't let that friggin kid near me again!!!

Are you telling fibs little boy ? A 10 year old kid allegedly dragged a 6ft alligator home after it snapped his fishing line and began chasing him. Michael Dasher claims after a confrontation with the beast  he whacked it on its back with a stick before dragging it home. His  granddad rang wildlife officers after he saw the poor thing licking it’s wounds in the front yard (the alligator that is). Dasher only suffered a few scratches on his hands and arms.

Psst OK, OK, stop worrying, the highly humiliated reptile will be released back into the river.

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Laptop Falls From The Sky

Look up in the sky…it’s a bird… it’s a plane … no, it’s a friggin laptop. Everybody duck. Grayson Peterka is one lucky 10 year old after a laptop computer fell from a medical helicopter and nearly knocked him on the noggin. He and his family were having a BBQ in St Cloud, Minnesota when kaboom, it landed right in front of him. Seems someone left it on the helicopter skids when it took off.


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Taser of The Week

And the tasering of the week goes to the two Martinsville police who tasered a 10 year old snowflake. The boy who was at the Tender Teddies Day Care was said to be out of control so staff and an officer slapped  him first before tasering him. That would be a suspension while an investigation is under way.


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Granny Knows Best

It's only a flesh wound!

OK, here’s the thing granny, when your 10 year old grandchild gets mauled by a pitbull you take her to hospital and do not try to treat her yourself. Shannon Plankenhorn allegedly heard the child scream and when she went to see what the commotion was about found the girl on the ground writhing in pain, so told her to “get up” and go inside. The child had puncture wounds to the neck, shoulder, arms, waist and leg. But no worries, granny said she had a background in medicine so treated the wounds herself. Hmm, teachers pretty much freaked when the girl limped to school a week later. Child welfare removed the girl from granny, pending an investigation.


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Best Taser Story of The Week

Atta boys!

And the winner goes to the 10 year old girl who kicked a police officer in the balls and got tasered for her troubles. Lets just say her mother wasn’t very helpful, she encouraged the cop to taser her. The Ozark police were called to the girl’s house after her mother rang begging them to have her taken to a youth shelter. When they arrived they found the screaming crying child refusing to budge, so her mom told them to taser her if need be. Allegedly officer Dustin Bradshaw then carried her to the living room where he received a hard kick to the nuts, legs and feet. Hmm, so after a little tasering she was handcuffed, carried to the car and promptly delivered to the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter. Problem solved.


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