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Hey, Aren’t You Dead?

Oh shit, are you sure?

You know what I hate? When police force you to drink chili-tainted water then set off fireworks over your head to make you confess to a murder, then 10 years later the victim turns up alive and well. I really friggin hate that! Zhao Zuohai spent 10 years in jail for the alleged murder of his neighbor Zhao Zhenshang. However, the headless, decomposed body obviously wasn’t his because Zhenshang recently returned to his village seeking welfare support. Awkward.During Zuohai’s stay in prison, his wife remarried and several of his children were adopted. Ouch! Anywho, authorities are really peeved and have now ordered an investigation into the case with the original judges set to be punished big time! Look out!


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10 years Jail For Stealing $80 Worth of Beef

Chunk of beef, and you?

Geez, Mark Zachary must be ruing the day he nicked a side of New York strip because  he has just been sentenced to 10 years jail . Zachary hid the tenderloin beef under his shirt before  leaving the Reid’s supermarket in South Carolina and running smack into an off duty police officer. Bummer. Unfortunately his big downfall came when he told the court he was massaging the meat and not stealing it. I hope the $80 chunk of meat was worth being put away for a decade.


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Citizen Of The Year Stuffs Up!

Citizen of the Year gets 10 years behind barsJustin Snelling from Omaha was honored with “Citizen of the Year” in March this year. Unfortunately by August he was sentenced to 10 years jail for selling methamphetamine to white supremacists.The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office had issued the award to Snelling after he helped a Ponca Hills woman during a domestic dispute but despite the recent events Chief Deputy Marty Bilek said “what Snelling did was heroic and his criminal case doesn’t diminish that.” Hmm, maybe a little?


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