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Seahorse Cheeto

See this seahorse Cheeto right there, sold for 100 bucks on eBay.


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What A Titanic Achievement

A big shout out to Gloria Stuart who turned 100 on the 4th of July. OK, hands up who doesn’t know who the hell she is? Come on people think. OK, here’s a clue “My heart will go on and on”. Bingo, she was the “old Rose” in the film Titanic. Anywho, she is going to be honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts today for her film career which spanned some 8 decades. Stuart was nominated for an academy award at the ripe old age of 87 for Titanic but was denied by Kim Bassinger. However, Ms Stuart has no regrets “If you’re full of love, admiration, appreciation of the beautiful things there are in this life, you have it made, really. And I have it made.”


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Captive Audience

OK here’s the thing Joshua Vasquez, when planning to deface a glass door, don’t do it with over 100 LA County sheriff’s deputies and cops looking on. What Vasquez didn’t know as he begun etching into the glass door was that they could all see him through the glass but he couldn’t see them. It wasn’t long before the cops intervened but Vasquez fled he scene with 40 cops in hot pursuit. As luck would have it he tripped and fell making it way too easy to arrest him.

Psst I’m surprised they didn’t taser the vandal!


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