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Flossie Don’t Fight It, She Lives It

Flossie Dickey is turning 110 but she would prefer to be napping or swigging whiskey than talking to a news reporter.



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Mushi Mushi

Morning Sumitani san!

Morning Sumitani san!

Just when you thought the 911 fiends were taking a holiday, we have Hisao Sumitani from Japan. Sumitani makes the 911 callers look like amateurs. Sumitani was arrested in Otsu for making 12,300 110 nuisance emergency calls (that’s Japan’s 911 equivalent) in the last 3 years . Not only that, he is also accused of making an additional 1,390 calls to the Otsu fire department on their 119 emergency number. Despite authorities warning him over four times he continued his reign of terror which involved shouting  incessantly down the line at the phone operators. Arsehole Ah so.


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