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Loon Is Back To Hating Clowns

clownHell no. A 12 year old girl who stabbed her stepmum to death said a creepy clown called Laughing Jack told her to do it. The girl had told her dad she was hearing voices a few months before the stabbing but 16..yep 16 pyschiatric units refused to take her in. Oh and the state of Indiana declined to place her in medical care DESPITE a court order that stated that hospital placement was the “only option available”.


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You Are Whose Nephew?

Remember John Wayne Gacy, that creepy clown dressing serial killer? Yeah, well, his nephew has just been sentenced to 24 years for sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl. Raymond Kasper is now claiming his harsh sentence was due to his connection with Gacy. Hmm, ya think? Lawyers are pushing for a retrial because the girl recanted her story while on the witness stand, claiming she may have dreamed it all up,  but then again a doctor  the who examined her said she had injuries consistent with sexual abuse.

Want sauce with that?


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Foodstamps , Facebook and Tragedy

OMG, a 12 year old girl from Texas who posted “I think I may die 2day” on her Facebook page was murdered by her mother a few hours later. Ramie Marie Grimmer (12) and her brother (10) were being held hostage at gun point by their mother at the Laredo welfare office, after she was denied food stamps. During the incident Ramie went onto Facebook and posted several messages including “I m bored” and “may die 2day”. A few hours later as a SWAT team surrounded the building Rachelle shot Ramie and her brother Timothy in the head before turning the gun on herself. Sadly Ramie’s prediction came true. Miraculously Timothy survived but is currently fighting for his life. This had been Rachelle Grimmer’s fourth attempt at getting food stamps to feed her family. She was told her case was closed.

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Never Too Young To Rob A Store

My Bad?

Two things sweetie when trying to hold up a convenience store 1. make sure you ain’t a regular and 2. make sure you ain’t friggin 12 years old! Gosh! The Michigan girl allegedly waltzed into the store with a 9mm gun and demanded cash. The staff , who instantly recognized her (despite a bandanna over her face), thought she was kidding around. Hmm, evidently not. Anywho, someone grabbed her and rang 911. Now she will have something to tell the class during “show and tell”.

Want sauce with that?

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I Don’t Like Munday

Forget teacher’s pet, a 6th grader has admitted to poisoning his teacher using chemicals from a science kit. Joan Munday became violently ill after downing potentially lethal sodium carbonate in her spiked tea. When the Plumb Creek Elementary School teacher failed to show the next day, students told staff of the plot. The 12 year old has been charged with assault and is currently being held in juvy.

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Let The Children Play!

What a wonderful world!

WTF is going on? Firstly a 12 year old Saudi girl has withdrawn her petition for divorce from her 80 year old hubby after the girl’s father arranged the marriage in exchange for a dowry of $25,443. No reason for the sudden change of heart but I am guessing she ain’t got nowhere else to go! And then just as I regained my composure, kaboom! There is a 9 year old girl in China who just gave birth to a baby boy. Can someone please explain?


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It’s The Principle!

12 year old Aboriginal boy charged with receiving a stolen Freddo Frog

I'm worth it!

A 12 year old Aboriginal boy from Northam, Western Australia has been charged with receiving a stolen Freddo Frog chocolate from his friend. Yes, that’s right folks, that’s receiving stolen  goods right there. Hmm, the chocolate in question was nicked from a local supermarket. Oh and it gets a tad worse, the kid failed to turn up to the first court date so he was escorted from school by police and locked up in a cell for several hours. I know what you’re thinking, the boy had a string of prior convictions….nope….none. Geez with his luck, I bet he’ll get  5 to life?

Psst One Freddo Frog costs 70 cents people.


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Too Hard To Handle

12 year old boy becomes a girlOK, this is a terribly sad story that has been handled very badly. A 12 year old boy has rocked up to a secondary school in the UK as a girl, after deciding he wanted to have a sex change.The parents believed that the best time for their son’s transition was when he/she went from primary school to secondary in the hope no one would notice. WRONG! It wasn’t long before students from his primary school recognized him and spread the word. Hmm, seems he/she’s parents had everything sorted, name change (by deed poll), appearance change, school notification etc…hmm, except for one slight problem, no one bothered to inform the parents. Who, after he turned  up at secondary school as a she, were bombarded with questions from their curious and confused kids. Awkward.One upset mum said “They behaved appallingly by throwing this hand grenade into the room and then leaving the inevitable questions about it for unprepared parents.”

The boy in question was often  teased in primary school because he wore a bikini instead of trunks , dried himself on Barbie towels, rode a pink scooter and wore pink ribbons in his hair (yep, that will do it!). Now it seems the teasing will continue.

Psst What a brave kid!


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